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  1. arlodizzle

    Atlanta Show?

    What about the Variety Playhouse?
  2. arlodizzle

    my problem with doom's comments

    Why is this still being brought up?
  3. arlodizzle

    Unreleased Dilla/MCA album

    Does anybody remember this thread?
  4. arlodizzle

    Baron Zen LA Party mix CD

    That was an episode of the ST podcast too.
  5. arlodizzle

    heliocentrics meet TTL approval

    Turntable Lab. The only store that matters.
  6. arlodizzle

    Who produced this song?

    Any body remember these? Jaylib Rough Drafts - Dilla Infinity Mix Jay Dee and Madlib are Jaylib - Dee and Lib Go to Bed
  7. arlodizzle

    Baron Zen

    New episode on ST Podcast. Get to downloadin'!
  8. arlodizzle

    baron zen remixes

    You are a fuckass.
  9. arlodizzle

    New Wildchild & MED
  10. arlodizzle

    New Wildchild & MED

    On Clutch Players' new album. Shit's banging, I really like Wildchild and MED on the same track.;i=262593214
  11. arlodizzle

    in living the true Gods DVD?!

    I went on Quas' MySpace page, and didn't see anything about it. Where you lookin?
  12. arlodizzle

    Dilla DID do the beat for The Message, right??
  13. arlodizzle

    What you think bout the James Pants EP??

    I love it.
  14. arlodizzle

    Real quick like..

    Dear anybody affiliated with Baron Zen, Is the full version of "Burn Rubber" ever going to be released? It is my favorite song on At the Mall, and I would really like to hear the whole version. Love, Arlo.