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    it is albums like this that make me wish digital download cards were still given out with vinyl purchases.
  2. not sure if you are trolling or just really stupid. leaning toward the latter..
  3. Madlib in Miami

    apparently it did. just like it needed your response.

    i got the quasi deck signed by madlib. what's that going for these days? Last offer i had on it was $300.
  5. One Year Vinyl Subscription

    got spoiled the first few months, releases slowed down lately.
  6. Madlib in Miami

    Madlib // Laundry Bar, Miami 2008
  7. Found my Quasi Deck

    Who else still has one of these? Re:Up Magazine x Zoo York x Stones Throw (2005)
  8. One Year Vinyl Subscription

    as did mine. good stuff.
  9. One Year Vinyl Subscription

    Any word on if this joint is included?
  10. Gabriel Garzón-Montano

    got it with the vinyl subscription, couldn't really get into it.
  11. The Biggest Flop of Stones Throw History

    Struggling with this one.
  12. Madlib upcoming projects update 2017

    Madlib just released Bad Neighbor Instrumentals, just not on ST.
  13. One Year Vinyl Subscription

    Anyone else pick this up? If the release schedule continues to be around 16, then this subscription would cost $18.75 per release with media shipping or $21.88 with priority shipping.
  14. Quasimoto Skate Deck

  15. Madlib Invaded Miami

    Having seen a few Stones Throw shows in my life, I've realized that Madlib will never be as good a DJ as he is a producer, no big deal. But waiting hours through shitty resident DJ's to hear some gems from the man himself it can be slightly disappointing when the time comes and the Tascam Killer totally flops, from dead silence as he changed cd's back and forth to random stops and scratches? . I love you Madlib but damn bro, i got to ask...... where you chasing the dragon? Its that or else i NEED your connection b/c that must have been the illest funk..... you decide...... If you own the Madvillian 2 remix box set, word to the wise...... don't try to get it signed or else this could result....(note the line off to the side, thats where Madlib drops the pen while signing it!)