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  1. joust1


    Volume 2! All cuts from the adventures of Lord q!!!
  2. joust1


    New Madlib Bolier Room set?
  3. joust1

    New Fluent! Sort of.....

    The Metal fingered Llama, Christ on a cracker! Amazing.
  4. joust1

    Madlib Pitchfork fest set

    Trap Konducta! Hilarious! Wasn't too impressed with his set. Little Prodigy Tribute, then the ending with those trap songs lost me. The crowd was into it but the guy holding the Quas sign clearly came for some beats not Migos.
  5. joust1

    New Fluent! Sort of.....

    Just came across this, fluent drops a ton of old unreleased shit. Majority I've never heard. Downloading now then plan on ripping the gym of its foundation tomorrow morning.
  6. joust1

    R.I.P. Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

    Had the opportunity to see MD on the Hell on Earth Tour in LA. Big East Coast vs. West Coast beef going on at the time and we rolled out the red carpet for those guys. Ya'll remember the interactive CD's?
  7. joust1

    Edan - The Humble Magnificent

    ^Its up now -
  8. joust1


    Yeah, banged that last week. Just wish he would've used some cuts from TALQ.
  9. joust1

    10 Years of Donuts (RIP J Dilla!)

    This should be a fun game. I was ____ years old when Donuts came out.
  10. joust1

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

  11. joust1


    Winston Red Rapman GKAC Help Pretty solid production
  12. joust1


    Packs pretty much picks up from Kinison, Loosey's, and the Nicest. Love the production and flow wise well...............ya know.
  13. joust1


    Let's face it, you gotta make a single or two in hopes of some radio play. May not be his goal, but I get it.
  14. joust1


    So far it's the best album of 2017. No tricky trap beats, great harmony and synth, I'm good.
  15. joust1

    New Shit

    Headnod Suite - Wasn't too impressed, Alone Together was better.