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    The MMS#12 speculation thread

    and if that was to happen my face would be stuck like that!
  2. from da blogs.. Gangrene (feat. Evidence & Fashawn)(prod. by Kankick) - Demons (rmx) KANKICK!!!!! DAMN YOU!! NO MORE instrumental LP's!!! Drop another album full of spittas. (no homo).
  3. anyone at ST at liberty to confirm or deny???
  4. Oh No – Sound Off (feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money)
  5. piff

    Any way to get older podcasts????

    Mr. Sparkle - Thanks for the info...
  6. was out of commission for a bit and noticed itunes only keeps select ones up for a limited time...do you ppl know where i can catch up on the ones i've missed? thanks.
  7. ^^^^^ Agree 100%...like there are not a few other Guilty/Madlib tracks in the vault!?!?!? Same goes with S.A.S., couldn't have included one exclusive from the podcast???...dont get me wrong..im not complaining...ever since the Rasco/Lootpack days i've dreamed ST could expand from dope indie hiphop to prog electro/house/dance/"i do a good motown impersonation" type ish..ahhhhhh yes
  8. pass..thanks for the heads up @GoosDiff
  9. piff

    Who was on this?

    Exciting news from the Stones Throw label. MED and Jason Jackson, internationally known as J-Rocc from the legendary Beat Junkies are working on a mix CD together. From this project, here is the 1st track, “The What.” No news yet on the name or the date for the the mixtape. Stay in touch for more. this track named, "The What" hit all the blogs around the 2nd week of Sept/09
  10. 1) Why is Chase Infinite not listed as a feature? 2) Life (feat. Skinhead Rob)...why do people mess with this guy on the guest emcee tip...is he not one of the worst rappers in terms of style and flow!
  11. i'm just saying...promotion for this album is, well, ummm...
  12. piff

    Ghettodes VS Before The Verdict

    Agree completely!!!