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  1. Start backing it that thang up duh
  2. I don't eve like dp like that but I who can deny some Edwin starr
  3. Amigos not to be confused with the Migos sound I'm not here for that bad and bougie bullshit...keep my shit lit
  4. Real ______ trap with them 3310's
  5. R.i.p Cuba Gooding sr i know my uncles' sad
  6. On this tuff.....so fucking sexy...love this
  7. yo I'm obsessed with........and this
  8. We need to be worried about wig master starting WWIII
  9. Awww " back in the days on the blvd of linden"
  10. The whole week 😜
  11. Vacation countdown in full effect.... im already dancing and I ain't even left my office yet
  12. Saw a screening of it thought it was good then and had a buzz. Didn't expect to win an academy but I'm glad it did. Finally, a non slave movie won juss sayin. Glad they got to touch on this topic because it's often taboo in the aa community, specially with church folk trevante rhoades made me wanna risk it allπŸ˜… Nobody told me they remaking Kings "It" 😢
  13. he looks winded from holding up that rifle He got them IV's on tho