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  1. Wooooow... Euron came so hard like a grade A sociopath off that boat. That entire scene was everything I been waiting for ........,it's only the second episode I see Reek ole bitch ass back i was sad to see the Sand Snakes go I'm guessing Lady Olenna next.... I knew Ellaria was go be the gift i was completely tuned into that Milessandei and Grey Worm seen he might not have no πŸ†But dammit he handled that......yup poor Jorah 🀒Damn samwell has experience some gross ass shit this season so I wonder is Jon go get with his auntie 😏In true targaryan fashion if they hook up Tormend and Breanne of Tarff imma be done
  2. I was underwhelmed. I know this is set up ..... The intro had me amped like a mutha ... arya coming thru like poison ivy taking out an entire houses i would have liked to see the dorne/sand snakes/Lady Olenna update Littlefinger going doooown, Sansaa is not having it with his sneaky ass. I like how after she undermined Jon the camera cued to his weasel self. You know he was behind that but Jon checked her like naw... we not doing that Is Euron go bring the Dragonhorn or Ellaria as a gift ??? Lynanna Mormont once again coming thru putting muthfuckas in check❀️ When they flipped to the Samwell Tarly scenes I was like ... ok Just show Ed Shereen I don't need a whole American Idol presentation like .... the fuck?? The hound showing a soft side?.......πŸ˜’ Soooooo ummm I'm kinda hoping Millesandi and Grey Worm go in but I don't know how that's go happen since he πŸ†......yeaaaaa
  3. ive spent the majority of my off days in these ughhh so comfortable and cute when dressed up
  4. R.I.P DUNNY
  5. This my shit.... I don't give a damn what anyone gotta say. Beat is πŸ”₯
  6. Hey McCrack? How's life.... Winters coming so I'll be back posting in July.......πŸ¦ŒπŸΊπŸ¦‘πŸŒ«πŸ‘ΉπŸ·πŸ”₯βš”οΈπŸ—‘
  7. Listen to big puns remix of this
  8. HeyπŸ–πŸΎ
  9. Start backing it that thang up duh
  10. I don't eve like dp like that but I who can deny some Edwin starr
  11. Amigos not to be confused with the Migos sound I'm not here for that bad and bougie bullshit...keep my shit lit
  12. Real ______ trap with them 3310's
  13. R.i.p Cuba Gooding sr i know my uncles' sad