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  1. Politics and Current Events

  2. Politics and Current Events

  3. what are you listening to?

    I touch down in BK......my mood
  4. R.I.P Hugh Hefner

  5. Politics and Current Events

    I wonder who go tell them all the shit they burnin up is paid for and the NFL got they cut already from the sell?
  6. what are you listening to?

  7. MF Doom Challenge

    Lordt, this post is about to go all kinds of wrong .........
  8. what are you listening to?

  9. What's good to watch these days

    So I finally caught The Deuce not sure if it's about three main characters or James Franco , prostitutes and pimps. I'm guessing as the season plays out the characters will come together and it will make sense. I didn't recognize Angelo barksdale with that wig ......I had to double take. I'm sure I missed Chris I saw "It" wasn't as scary as the original because they got Pennywise out here looking like Queen Elizabeth I ....also not as long as the original they break it up.
  10. Politics and Current Events

  11. What's good to watch these days

    I see tical with the wig in your avatar looking like " naw I don't like that shit". I saw David Simon was involved and I'm sure more Wire alum will pop up . Omar bound to make an appearance, hopefully my boo Avon too. From the way the previewing it it looks good so like you say I hope it stands it's definitely different that what's on now, which is good
  12. Politics and Current Events

  13. What's good to watch these days

    It was totally rushed they should have spread it out to at least 10 episodes the time frames did not match? What were the Unsullied doing? What is Dairio doing? What's going on in Dorne? What's going on before at Castle Black? Where are the rest of the Northern Houses? Why didn't we see Meera's dad Howland Reed after all he knows about Jon's lineage? We got Cold Hands where is Lady Stone-heart? They could have showed the Tourney of Harrenhal leading up to the wedding give us that.......... I mean really????? and How is Viseryion spitting blue flames when fire kills the WW? Ready to call GRRM like ...........................and we gotta wait to 2019
  14. What's good to watch these days

    I am just sooooo underwhelmed like last season shitted on this one the only good thing about this last episode was Lil pedo dying. Once again, you know nothing about the Norf, it remembers. I'm going to give it to them Stark girls they played the fuck outta him. Talking about " let me through I'm lawd of the vale ensure me safe passage" 😭😭ummm Sansa is Queen of the Norf she trumps you Tyrion will die next season at the hands of Danny or by Jon on Dany's orders. There was irony/symbolism in him drinking that glass and leaving it for her besides knowing she's pregnant. Cersi go rat him out because that's what she does and to avenge Tywin without having to kill him herself ( remember she couldn't have The Mountain do it) that will be her revenge. Tyron thinks he's so smart but I think his sister will out Witt him leading to his end. I guess we can all see Jaime go kill Cersi next season .... she's fucking power crazed So we waited 8 seasons to finally see Rhaegar and we get that wack clip....psssssh. That Jon and Danny xxx scene was wack too waited all that time and we get 2 minutes not even that.......I though we was go get some Jon and Ygritte type shit 😌 That's okay Grey Worm made up for it with Milisandei I guess baby Rhaeny or Jon and Danys child will end the series Theon getting kicked on the groin🤣🤣🤣dude kept kicking him .........
  15. Politics and Current Events

    If both placing them in museums and leaving them out in the open all will cause people to continue to rage on. Then what's the alternative to start the process of unifying everyone????