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  1. audiotek9


    My first ever entry in the infamous STBB and keeping it simple and stoopid an iphone and an SP303.
  2. audiotek9

    Dilla mixes and DJ Sets i have the mp3 somewhere on my comp. will throw it up somewhere for dl as soon as it is found.
  3. audiotek9

    Showbiz and AG

    ish is dope! nice to hear show & ag back with some boombap fo yo earhole.
  4. audiotek9

    downtown 81 (BASQUIAT)

    cool stuff right here. never knew this existed until recently. basquiat. SAMO IS DEAD some to get you started. werd
  5. audiotek9

    what are you listening to?

    i can. but what u know bout mr magic??? werd magoes rash.
  6. audiotek9

    Throw Back!

  7. audiotek9

    Throw Back!

  8. audiotek9

    Throw Back!

    awww FECK dam u Nervous looks like you already upped this. oh well this track multi up's yo. yup.. i'll be back but for now.......
  9. audiotek9

    Throw Back!

    cant be fucked to dig through the post to see if this has been upped already. i just got done cuttin the fuck out of doubles of this. had to spread the love. gonna keep my up's in here strictly pre 90's ish. p.s. peep the shout to SAMO in the beginning. werd!!!
  10. audiotek9


    got dis on vinyl. the first season and the sequel are dopeness!!!!!
  11. audiotek9

    CD for Lord Quas

    saw this but wondered wtf this meant?? honestly looks like the unseen left out in the elements or played da fuck out. unseen remixes????
  12. audiotek9

    madlib bracelet

  13. audiotek9

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    dollar bin heat
  14. track id anyone?? been bugging me for a looooooooong time. Post up those white label delicious treats!!!
  15. audiotek9

    PBW - The Chronicles

    previous post from a few years back pbw & grand visitor answer some ???'s about the mysterious dreas