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  1. J.P.A

    Video Games

    To each is own. This is my first time playing a diablo game, so i guess its for the die hard fans of the title. I just bought the game out of curiosity, and like Grifty rod said, I myself am a little disappointed with the ps4's library. It has been a year and I noticed most of the games coming out are 'remastered edition' games. Hopefully there will be some good games coming out in the future. Can't wait for uncharted 4, naughty dog is killing it with their games. That far cry 4 looks interesting, that'll probably be my next game purchase.
  2. J.P.A

    Video Games

    Metal gear solid ground zeros is all right. The graphics are nice since its on the ps4, but it seemed like a short demo game considering the $30.00 price tag. Konami could of added more levels to the game. Either than that I thought it was a cool little teaser for 'The Phantom Pain' which should be coming out some time in 2015. Can't wait for that one, it should be good. Rating 8/10 [/url] Diablo 3's graphics are on point, I think I'm on level 20. Had to put it aside and play another game since it felt a little repetitive with all the button mashing going on through the game. Rating 7/10 The Evil Within. Playing this game as of now. Downloaded it from the playstation store. Its like a creepier version of 'The last of Us.' If you dig survival horror games such as the old Resident Evil games and Silent Hill. Check it out. Rating 8/10
  3. J.P.A


    I agree with this comment. Saw this in the IMAX on sunday. Probably one of the best action movies i've seen in a while. keanu reeves kicked butt in the movie. 8 out of 10. Finally got around to seeing 'Gone Girl.' Good mystery/thriller from the director David Fincher. Its like a mixture of 'Se7en' and 'The Game.' I'll give it a 9 out of 10.
  4. J.P.A

    Rap and R&B Soundtracks

    the nutty professor Higher learning Rush hour 1 soundtrack Bad boys 1 soundtrack
  5. J.P.A

    RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was one of my favorite actors. I thought he went above and beyond with his acting abilities in the movies that he starred in.
  6. J.P.A

    So How About Them BRONCOS

    Dang, Broncos got whupped man. This was probably the crappiest Super Bowl game i've witnessed even though i wanted Denver to win. Anyways, congrats to Seattle seahawks, and Pete carroll for their win.
  7. J.P.A

    Rock Albums !!

    Tool Sublime Korn Queens of the stone age Red hot chill peppers
  8. J.P.A

    Is Paul Walker Really Dead?

    I'm not one to mourn over celebrities, but RIP Paul Walker.
  9. J.P.A

    Top 5 Movies

    1.) 2.) .3) I didn't really like 'Aliens' that much on regular dvd, but after watching it on Blu ray on my 42' samsung flat screen TV with the surround system on, it became top 5. 4.) 5.)
  10. J.P.A

    what are you listening to?

    Been listening to Black eyed peas first album 'Behind the front' on my iPod. Their first two albums are hip hop classics, and then fergie joined the group and ruined it for them, IMO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN9muHLuHDc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbCIA6ZB1F8
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiUiCsK4EGQ
  12. J.P.A

    most underated hip-hop producer of all time?

    chief exel, who produced all the Blackalicious albums w/ Gift of gab is underated imo.
  13. J.P.A

    RIP Tony Scott

    R.I.P Tony Scott, He directed my favorite movie of All time "True Romance." Its a shame he committed suicide though.
  14. J.P.A

    Pete Rock and CL Smooth "In The Flesh" intro?

    Was browsing through the comment section for PR's 'In the flesh' and apparently its a full song on Sadat x's 1996 album 'Wild Cowboys' minus Deda's Original verse.
  15. J.P.A

    top 5 favorite artists of all time

    -Madlib - Jay dee/J dilla - James Brown - Dj Premier - Dr. Dre This is just a fraction of my list. There is too many to name though.