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  1. air62089

    STBB #605

    ah didn't know was supposed to do that. thx for the heads up!
  2. air62089

    STBB #605 VOTE

    #1 Granny David #2 SEbP #3 Masta Petrovgrad Next up: Ruedenz, Brotha B, jpcandelier, theGuen, Wolf, defMute
  3. air62089

    STBB #605

    Great samples. Took a long time to choose. Only used one for simplicity's sake but probably will mess around with the others later on. Liked the drums fine too. Only used those, minus the 808.
  4. air62089

    STBB #604 VOTE

    Sooo many good tracks. Number 1 was pretty easy for me, and everything else from there very very hard... Top 3 #1 Julian Convex #2 JoaGymShoe #3 Graftaq Next ones Fivepee Wigmaster defmute Honorable mentions blueear s.Blackford Gryn
  5. air62089

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    This is pretty much the first real / kinda-finished beat I've made. Did some projects 5ish years ago but never really saw anything through. Trying to get into the swing of things now. Pretty rough on mixing/mastering/etc. Any feedback/criticism is very much appreciated. Only Foley sounds, sample, and one kick were used. Great rules. Good luck all.