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  1. Gait

    STBB #605 VOTE

    Again a nice week with nice entries and a great diversity, 3- MoxATRon - nice feel nice vibe,great job. 2- WolF - dope work nice chops and luv them hatz, well done. 1- DeF MuTe - what a beauty! Had it on repeat, superb flip and atmosphere. My favs : granny david, fat von free, the guen ( great job dude ), linkrust, lonius and swoop man.
  2. Gait

    STBB #605

    Heres mine nothing outside used exept a few little vocal shots! greetz hope yall like it
  3. Gait

    STBB #605

    Congratz Julian, dope dope drumkit and samples, greetz
  4. Gait

    STBB #604 VOTE

    Again a very great week with nice rules and what a lot of dope entries, really enjoyed this week! 3: gRaFTAQ - very impressed with the western style youve created, good job! 2: GrYN - very serene vibe, so chill with a great ambiance. 1: LefT BoY - this one took me outta space, what a great journey. Thanks for takin me aboard this trip!!!! honourable ones for me: julian convex- very beautyfull production. swoop man- that bassssssss jomodo boa- best intro Chopfyt- nice vibe good chops fatvonfree- heavy as f*#k granny david- as usual great work m8 and best use of the balloon sample
  5. Gait

    STBB #604 VOTE

    You have to post your 3 fav tracks so 1st 2nd and 3th place
  6. Gait

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    Dope rules! No outside anything used! 17 of the sounds from the foley and little chops of the three samples used , hope you like it:
  7. Gait

    STBB #603 VOTE

    Very intersting week with interesting beats, my top 3: 3 - NeLlA GoodFeLLA - less is more, nailed it with minimalism 2 - gRaNnY DaViD - dope overall beat with a good acapella on it, worked mighty fine 1 - SwOOp MaN - summer vibes goin on, love the atmosphere youve created, nice work!
  8. Gait

    STBB #603

    Congratz on the win!! Ive used little parts of all the samples and used outside drums percussion bass and vocal shots, hope yall like it! greetz GAIT
  9. Gait

    STBB #602

    Congratz on the win, dope samples!! Cant participate this week, thats a bummer.... Pz and everyone good luck, will listen to all the entries
  10. Gait

    STBB #601 VOTE

    Again a very interesting week , with so much beautyfull entries from soundscaping to organised noise, really loved every entry. Honourable ones for me moxatron, ruedenz, zifhang,psychedelic schizofrenic,nella. 4- FAt VoN FrEe - organised noise in a good way! Very creative 3- gRaNNy DaviD - very very smooth, good vibes bro 2- dJ CuT EfX - good soundtrack to a seventies pornmovie haha, really love this one! 1- LeftBoi - took me to the beach, i visualized this with scenes from the movie the beach, good work!
  11. Congratz on the win! Dope rules for this’s mine, couple of slices from the provided sample bass drums flute etc sampled from japanese funk track and vocal shots from learning japanese course. Lot of efx and downsampling 8 bit stylo hope you enjoy, 😊 greetz Gait
  12. Gait

    STBB #600 VOTE

    Great week with such a wide range of different styles, very hard to narrow it down to 3..... 3- LoNIUs - dope drums, great (happy) vibez ,overall good beat 2- moXaTrOn - got that ol skool bboy feel, nice uptempo flip 1- KapPnEfFecT - so so nice great transitions and good sample use honourable ones: kokosovyj, axwai productions, ruedenz, elan vital,rustee frequency , cascassette and Granny David
  13. Gait


    Both congratz on the win! here’s my STBB 600 entry, its called silence. Both samples used. outside drums bass en vocal shot only, hope yall enjoy greetz GAIT
  14. Gait

    STBB #599 VOTE

    Pfjieuw lotta good ones this week, difficult one.... 1 - ElAN viTaL : feel this one frim beginning to the end, nice beat nice vibe and vocals blend great! 2 - GrANnY DaVId : overall good production, enjoy listening to this one. 3 - dEF MutE : luv them birds 🙂 good atmosphere. thanks everyone for a interesting week, pz Gait
  15. Made a hiphop style remix of the song HOME by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeros, i love this band! Hope you like it. Greetz GAIT