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  1. Gait

    STBB #598

    Congratz on the win! Dope rules nice samples and a lot of choppin/slicin up the samples with a lot of layerin them 😊, here’s my entry only outside kick clap and vocal sample, really enjoyed makin this 👍
  2. Gait

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Pfjieuwwww what a dope week with a lot of dope entries, really enjoyed the creativity with this bad ass sample ( thnx Lonius ) 3rd Place: KAPn N eFfEcT - one big space trip! Luv it, good chops and effex 2nd Place: gRaNnY David - dope dope flip, listened to this one on repeat 1st Place : FaT VOn FrEE - man , i loved your one from the first sec till the end, nice vocals nice everything😊👌
  3. Gait

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Congratz Lonius on the win! heres my entry , only outside drums and voice samples used, hope you enjoy my entry for this week! Greetz GAIT, dope sample btw😊
  4. Gait

    STBB #596 VOTE

    A lot of dope and fine tunes, enjoyed to listen to em all and had a lot of fun makin my entry my faves: Butta Slick - what a nice flip and great drums👍 Fat Von Free - great creativity, nice nice overall Vibe🤗 Kongchain - got me noddin al the way👌 JoaGymshoe - as usual dig your entries, good mix good beat 👍 MY VOTE: 3 place KongCHaIN 1 point 2 place fAT VoN Free 3 points 1 place BuTTA SliCK 5 points greetz GAIT
  5. Gait

    STBB 596

    Congratz on the win, this is my first entry since a long time, peeps know me as Nick da Lunatic, nowadays as GAIT. only outside drums used😀