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  1. Granny David

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Congrats Fat Von! Dope track mate
  2. Granny David

    STBB#597 VOTE

    Had fun as always. Great to hear every single entry sounding so different from each other. Here are my votes: 3 - Rayem Leeps - Cheeky little NES-Beat banger! 2 - Brogrimm - Love the swing to this and the bass line is on point 1 - Fro - Strange and wonderful! A nice laid back flow Honorable Mentions: Bookish / Fat Von / Gait / Butta Slick / Brotha B
  3. Granny David

    STBB #596 VOTE

  4. Granny David

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Here's my entry. I used the Gabor sample for a Crooklyn Dodgers remix
  5. Granny David

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    Congrats Lonius on a well deserved victory. I'm feeling the Gabor track, I'm gonna chop this one up like a butcher!
  6. Granny David

    STBB #596 VOTE

    Had fun with this week's samples. Thanks to all for the much valued feedback. Here are my votes: 1- Ruedenz 2- Saltmcgault 3- KappNeffect Also enjoyed: Brotha B / Dajamah / Kokosovyj Matras / JoaGymshoe / Gait / Butta Slick / Lonius
  7. Granny David

    STBB 596

    Sampled both Axelrod and Bjork. Added drums and some samples from a pornographic movie.
  8. Granny David

    MF Doom New Remix

  9. Granny David

    STBB 596

    Thanks man
  10. Granny David

    STBB 596

    Congrats on the win! Just checked out the samples you've provided for this week, looking forward to working with some Axelrod again! Must we use the Bjork accapella in full, or can we just sample parts of it?
  11. Granny David

    STBB #595 VOTE

    Once again I enjoyed listening to everyone's work. Very difficult to narrow it down to just three, but here's my pick for this week: 1. Lonius 2. Olos 3. Nella Goodfella Further Shouts to.. K Dvai Elan Vital Moxatron Joa Gymshoe Brotha B Dajamah Fat Von Free
  12. Granny David

    STBB #595

    Congratulations Elan Vital on a fine win.
  13. Granny David

    STBB #594 VOTE

    1. BustleFrog 2. Elan Vital 3. Naturelle Boombap Respect to Yoni Den for the trippy creativity! I'll be listening to this one for a while. Very inspiring
  14. Granny David

    Beat Battle #594

    It'll be tough voting this week after all the great work I just heard! Respect to everyone above! Didn't have the time to develop much this week, so I stringed together some unfinished attempts and added a concept. Flip warning!
  15. Granny David

    Beat Battle #594

    Hey congrats on the win man! I really enjoyed my first time competing here. Thanks to all the members who have made me feel welcome in this very well-mannered forum, showing nothing but love and respect. This good spirited competition beats any sport, any day! Thank you to everyone for the kind feedback. I'll be taking part in 594 too, really like the new samples! Peace