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  1. Granny David

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Apologies for the essay! Thanks for the feedback Joa. I may as well stick with my entry, I assure you there are some lowered piano keys in there for extra bass. Well spotted with the drums hahaha! I tried something different and used an online drum machine... I programmed a few patterns and downloaded it (in MP3, unfortunately) I didn't mess with the velocity or anything as I couldn't figure out how to do much on there. I don't think I'll be using it again haha!! Sounds like a toy soldier hitting lego. I used to have no problem programming drums with an MPC - having all the knobs and buttons there for an easier 'touch and feel' approach. I now use Acid Pro 6.0 and its just not the same. The older I get, the less patience I have clicking and dragging things in place via a laptop touchpad mouse! Might have to get in touch with an old friend about an old drum machine. I miss hitting those pads! 🥀
  2. Granny David

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Hey no problem Joa. If you get time, would you be able to assess my entry? I've made a bassline from a piano sample but I've also included the bassline from the samples provided. Let me know if it's a DQ and I'll cook something else up instead 💪 Awesome news about WeGrowWax! Thanks for helping set up such a great opportunity for us all!
  3. Granny David

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Here you go man MP3: WAV:
  4. Granny David

    STBB #607 Bass Piano

    Excellent challenge! Romance has been playing on a personal compilation of mine lately! Big fan of both these artists. Samples galore! One question - Must we make a bassline out of a traditional piano sound, or can we use a Fender Rhodes or anything like that?
  5. Granny David

    STBB #606 VOTE

    Congratulations Joa! Looking forward to hearing your samples/rules! Make it evil, please!!!! 😈
  6. Granny David

    STBB #606 VOTE

    1-Dj Cut-EFX 2-Mlkii 3-Professor Coneyack
  7. Granny David

    STBB 606

    Used 2 samples and many from the Windows pack. Thanks to Locke for the new drums. Although I didn't use any for this track, I didn't have time to do much beat-programming this week but they should come in handy in the next few battles. Just to be clear, Jerry Seinfeld is NOT in any way transphobic, I simply took his comments out of context through basic editing.
  8. Granny David

    STBB #605 VOTE

    Three out of the last four winners have been debut entries! Bleep 602, Finem 603 and Locke 605 Keeping the rest of us on our toes! CONGRATS LOCKE!
  9. Granny David

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1- Rivera Sweet, sweet music! 2- Moxatron I appreciated the dark tip on this nicely produced joint 3- Detritus Tabu Give this man a day off for working overtime! Complex sample arrangement and wild creativity!
  10. Granny David

    STBB #605

    I used 8 drum hits and quite a few slices from the samples. I have no idea what I just made
  11. Granny David

    STBB #605

    Congrats Julian. Dope samples man! & Thanks Heavy D! Very useful sir!
  12. Granny David

    STBB #604 VOTE

    Congrats to the top 3! So many entries this week, so much dopeness!
  13. Granny David

    STBB #604 VOTE

    1 Bles24 - Really liked the dark vibe on this track. Had to listen several times 2 Detritus Tabu - Every credit for the complexity of the chops! Very creative work 3 Lonius - Sweet mellow vibes as always! Closely followed by.. 4 Rivera - Dope track, almost took 3rd place Superb rules this week. Always great to try new methods. Peace to all involved!
  14. Granny David

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    Excellent rules this week. Thanks to Finem for the imaginative inspiration! I used a few segments of Samples 1 & 2 + 9 Foley samples, mostly to create the beat + 1 outside kick drum
  15. Granny David

    STBB #603 VOTE

    Congrats Finem! 🏆