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    New album: Thijsenterprise- Stepbacks & Setbacks

    Which started as tribute to one of the greatest instrumental hip-hop albums slowly evolved in a devastating breakup record: Stepbacks & Setbacks shows Thijsenterprise (Reinier Thijs) his love for old school hip-hop with soul and jazz samples, dusty breaks and raw chops. Started in 2015 in Barcelona, the A-side is inspired by the city and dedicated to Dilla's Donuts, while the B-side deals with much more personal issues: cheating, heartbreak and solitude. This second part was made in Amsterdam during darker days, in the first half of 2017. Stepbacks & Setbacks is Thijsenterprise first album as a solo artist, after releasing Je Hebt De Boem En De Klap with the 2-Two Legged Dogs ( earlier in 2018. This album is in many ways more than just a beat tape. Bandcamp (download possible): Soundcloud: YouTube: / Hope you have time take a listen and share the music.
  2. thijsenterprise

    2-Two Legged Dogs - Je Hebt De Boem En De Klap

    This month 2-Two Legged Dogs present their debut album Je Hebt De Boem En De Klap. 2-Two Legged Dogs are Laurens Beijer (Drumma Sheen) and Reinier Thijs (Thijsenterprise) from The Netherlands. Two musicians with a preference for explosions, table tennis trick shots, wheelies in Kanaleneiland, dusty synths, The Box, shooting on crossbars, het Weerbericht, grilled cheese sandwich, Prince’s birthday concert and dogs without front legs. Inspired by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Common, Craig Taborn, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Flying Lotus, Gideon van Gelder, ICP Orchestra, John Coltrane, Kanye West, Prince, Roy Hargrove, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Je Hebt De Boem en De Klap is the mad outcome of these fascinations and comes to life after 10 years of hard work. Also known as ‘a small hour of coke for the ears’. Hopefully you can take some time to have a listen: