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  1. SBlackford

    STBB #586 VOTE

    1. ruedenz 2. Jay Mykal 3. JoaGymshoe
  2. SBlackford

    STBB #586

    Congrats Banizzz and Joa!
  3. SBlackford

    STBB #585 VOTE

    1. Huxlay 2. Kowalzki 3. mike-a-veli
  4. SBlackford

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Big up and thanks to Dgtlbeats!
  5. SBlackford

    STBB #584 VOTE

    1. WigMaster 2. FatVonFree 3. the DGTL
  6. SBlackford

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    Hello people, I'm new to this board and would like to say hello to everybody. I love sampled music and so I try to make what I love. Thank you for the two songs, my beat consists out of them only.