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  1. tempyoni

    STBB#597 VOTE

    1 - granny david 2 - joaymshoe 3 - kokosovyj matras
  2. tempyoni

    STBB #595

    Haha! YES! my day has been made Love it! Good works on samples ElanVital!
  3. tempyoni

    STBB #594 VOTE

    1 -Detritus Tabu 2 - 2N!TE 3 - Granny David shouts to everybody. Great week. So many things I have enjoy. Thank for all comment and vote. Keep up beautiful works and things, Fam!
  4. tempyoni

    Beat Battle #594

    No Outside, only drums. Twist every sample. Take some serious advantage/abuse with no time limit and many flip rules!! Is so long. Don't sweat, skip. Only listen if you feel the mutation. All Love Fam!
  5. tempyoni

    STBB #592 [spaced-out]

    just some outside drums
  6. tempyoni

    STBB #591 VOTE

    1 - Zifhang 2 - Jeongkwang 3 - .gerald
  7. tempyoni


  8. tempyoni

    STBB#590 VOTE

    1 - wolf 2 - barry studebaker 3 - .gerald
  9. 4 drms + sample = more house musics
  10. tempyoni

    STBB#589 VOTE

    1 - Wolf 2 - Lonius 3- SuperSen
  11. tempyoni

    STBB #588 VOTE

    great things this week. Choice is a fine thing, but hard in implementations. this is the vote of the inner space jury: 1 - Wolf 2 - Beantangerine 3 - SuperSen 4 - every man and woman have made a beat! This week have myself put an EP on bandcamp of some older STBB Submissions. "Stabby Bats" is called and is free if you want have some beats for listen!
  12. tempyoni

    Yoni Den throwin down beats

    <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2906002209/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://yoniden.bandcamp.com/album/stabby-bats">Stabby Bats by Yoni Den</a></iframe> This EP come from stbb submissions. https://yoniden.bandcamp.com/album/stabby-bats
  13. tempyoni

    STBB #588

    I hear you fam! try this recut version with Snootie Wild acapella is shorter and perhaps suit you better!😘
  14. tempyoni

    STBB #588

    But Yoni I got time for nothing and very not this! Plus I hates House music!
  15. tempyoni

    STBB #588

    is very long is house, only have two outside drum ,(basskick,snare), no outside anything else. Just a long house jam!😊