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  1. LoniusTemp

    STBB 606

  2. LoniusTemp

    STBB 606

    Congrats man! (just realised I completely forgot about the windows sounds so this is a non-entry!) Used sample 2 and some of the drum pack Gonna find a way to incorporate the windows sounds now, dunno if the name is gonna update to non-entry here..
  3. LoniusTemp

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1. locke1885 2. FatVonFree 3. defMute Personal higlights: FIVEPEE _LS Mizube LinkRust Rivera Nella Detritus Tabu3
  4. LoniusTemp

    STBB #605

    Congrats Julian! Used the drumkit sounds perc7, hihat2 and snare10 Flipped sample 5, used some record noise from sample 8 and got the timing idea from Bleep's entry last week
  5. LoniusTemp

    STBB #604 VOTE

    1. dtunez 2. FatVonFree 3. Mizube Others that almost made top 3: Bleep locke1885 sora4am c1gart defMute JoaGymshoexJAKAL Farmer Dillo FIVEPEE Don't QuiXotE SW00P-MAN LeftBoi Banizzz
  6. LoniusTemp

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    dope rules this week! used sample 1, a 909 kick and a string sound foley: aerosol01, balloon01, beer01, brokentamb, metaltexture01, paperbag01, salt01
  7. LoniusTemp

    STBB #602

    Congrats! guitar/bass from the desires, chords from anatoly fomin
  8. LoniusTemp

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    nah it's fine, any outside live instruments are allowed, especially face-melting bass!
  9. LoniusTemp

    STBB #600 VOTE

    Thanks for the votes, amazing week so let's have a minute's silence for the beats that didn't make it😄 New thread is up now..
  10. STBB #601 Thanks for the votes and props to all who entered last battle, had about 20/30 beats in my shortlist and it was an especially good one! RULES: Use provided sample, outside everything allowed apart from melodic/bass samples (so drums, fx, vocals etc are OK) (outside melodic/bass samples that come under rule 2 are allowed) Optional rule 1: Use an extreme/unusual production technique like clipping, downsampling, overcompression, lots of high end/hardly any high end etc. Might produce some interesting results, and would be cool to have a week where no-one has to worry too much about mixing/mastering. Hopefully people will judge this week's entries by vibe alone and entrants will feel free to try anything Optional rule 2: Use any other Japanese sample of your own choosing along with the provided sample for a loose definition that's any song released by a japanese artist and/or released in Japan, or that has an obviously Japanese vibe. (You can use your own judgment but obviously doing something like sampling a Madlib track that came out in Japan only defeats the point😄) Happy beatmaking!! sample : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/ec20e57d6e634f84f700a6182122dbf020180908135857/4786cf579dc19cfe50437b41b1713cde20180908135857/803be6 The Fine Print:Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 601“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back.  For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollectionEVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer  Happy flipping!
  11. LoniusTemp

    STBB #600 VOTE

    1. Kowalzki 2. DJ AGENT M 3. élan vital 4. ruedenz Granny David Axwai Productions kokosovyj matras JAKAL [KappNeffect] beatfux
  12. LoniusTemp


  13. LoniusTemp

    STBB 599 Dark Trip Hop

    congrats fat! potential legendary streak if you win this week😄 I used 6 2 and 3 for this, was obsessed with portishead when I was younger and haven't given the genre listen for quite a few years now so this was a really cool memory trip, took me in a way different direction than my normal battle beats When I started out I basically wanted to make music that sounded like them (as well as some other trip-hop stuff like massive attack/DJ Krush from Japan etc)and they're probably one of my biggest influences even though it's probably unrecognisable in my current day beats Anyone into Ninja Tune?
  14. LoniusTemp

    STBB #598 VOTE

    1. TkC 2. FatVonFree 3. SO.ME1 a.k.a P1
  15. LoniusTemp

    STBB #598

    oops, forgot the explanation Made the susumu yokota into 3 drum hits plus 1 echoey sound, made 4 chord chops from the dale jacobs joint and slowed them way down/filtered, the string is a pitched/stretched note from the guitar/synth type sound in the john martyn and there are a bunch of organ chops from that as well. Dunno if it's too late for a repost but I made a little reworking of it without samples as well