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  1. Jay Mykal

    STBB #589

    here's my entry for this week
  2. Jay Mykal

    STBB#587 VOTE

  3. Jay Mykal

    STBB #587

    LMAO!!! Joa G - Regulate
  4. Jay Mykal

    STBB #587

    congrats joa Sample Download via WeTransfer - https://we.tl/AxITGEweiE
  5. Jay Mykal

    STBB #586 VOTE

    1.joa 2.naturelle boombap 3.Kapp
  6. Jay Mykal

    STBB #586 VOTE

    @JoaGymshoe can you tell us which beats you're allowing before we vote? thanks
  7. Jay Mykal

    STBB #586

    haha damn perdu putting dudes on blast tried some typa experimental lofi ? kick, hat, snare + vocals skits + 1 track of chops just processed the frequencies different non entry if that's no allowed
  8. Jay Mykal

    STBB #586

    Had to handle business but im back in the cut. shout out to everyone who flipped my 583 sample I'm gonna be dropping feedback on tracks over the weekend. As for this 586 I'm gonna boom bap the shit out of this sample son!!!! @JoaGymshoe Congrats. props on jacking that banizzz beat shit was fire. What about cutz/scratches, acapellas, outside instruments all that stuff?
  9. Jay Mykal

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    you totally killed this major props
  10. Jay Mykal

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja

    So I provided the sample and asked Lonius to do the rules so we could both be challenged again this week. No outside anything???? wahahahaahahahahahahaha BRUH YOU'RE KILLING US 💀💀💀💀💔👻 Oh man this might be difficult I didn't check if there were proper drums in there lol Thanks to everyone for last week and Props to Lonius - striaght killer
  11. Jay Mykal

    STBB #582 VOTE

    yooooooooo muchas gracias compadres !!!!! Props to Lonius killing it every week New battle with be with you sooon.
  12. Jay Mykal

    STBB #582 VOTE

    ok ok ok quick 4:15am waved af voting goes like this.. defMute kowalzki huxlay doom bap dill reply to sc commenrs and stuff tomorrow I need sleeeeeeep
  13. Jay Mykal

    STBB # 582

    I usually flip a sample multiple times over days and even weeks before I get the right vibe so 2 hours is way too short stayed in my lane with some lazy micro chop 20 minute boom bap shit kick/hat/snare + 4 filtered bass chops + 5 sample chops + ill vibe acapella + mute arrangement + limiter on the master = peace
  14. Jay Mykal

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    After posting the meme in the thread you deleted I realised I only know him for being a divisive gobshite lol which is probably why I never pursued the music. Unfortunately for me, having been on the receiving end of that word (and many others) over more than 30 years living in many parts of England, it's impossible to not hear it. Ironically, that's part of the reason I don't get offended by forms of "artistic expression" even when I probably should..sadly there are still too many real life issues to pay that energy to. Still tho, knowing the intent and context gives an idea whether I should fuck with it on any level, hence my request for more info from you. Wasn't expecting an expert analysis, but equally wasn't expecting zero opinion based on not even listening properly, that's disappointing. I'm obsessed with music, so I can't imagine hearing any song 12 times and not listening to the lyrics, especially when the band are entirely focused on the content of the lyricist, and the song is widely considered one of their most controversial (misunderstood) songs from their best album. Initially you weren't recommending it, but when I came back to ask if you'd heard it, you were, so I would have asked regardless. Fans of the group have analysed the song in greater detail here (I suggest you read that) but it contains more intentionally offensive comments from him which I can't fuck with regardless of his intent to be sarcastic. Even though I share some of his anti-establishment sentiments and I understand the north/south dynamic, complex sarcasm and irony he displayed as an agitator within the UK (his whole career not just the 80s) I just can't fuck with the lack of dignity his expressed in being such a prick all the time. Even his own fans openly admit their distress at his alcoholic savagery. I'm not averse to hitting up these types of figures on an educational basis, but I definitely won't be taking part in any music memorials. peace
  15. Jay Mykal

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    @elanvital I know the name but not the music so after you posted the first thread I went to look for samples and encountered the track you're now recommending "the classical" can you explain the first verse and the context of the song? Verse 1] There is no culture is my brag Your taste for bullshit reveals a lust for a home of office This is the home of the vain! This is the home of the vain! Where are the obligatory niggers? Hey there fuckface! Hey there fuckface! There are twelve people in the world The rest are paste This is the home of the vain! This is the home of the vain! rest of the lyrics here