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  1. what are you listening to?
  2. STBB #573 VOTE

    Why so aggro self defensive, tho? I like how this wwe fest has these last two battles uniquely dramaful. But if deflecting all controversy to *yo*here* makes the coverup easier for a thrownstone lackey. You say annoying, I say manifest destiny.
  3. The Truth

    This game got so boring
  4. what are you listening to? Kleptones - Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots - 11 - All We Have Is Soul.mp3
  5. STBB #573 VOTE

    Don't allow a personal vendetta with (dismissed JacuzziSplot) mold overflow. Homeliss Derelix said it best. Ps. Unblock JacuzziSplot. Or at least J'acussePlot (the vendetta bans lol). It works for you, but you nadda king (Pps rofl cant dismiss getting caught. I have a SC mesage which would shed some light on this debacle) Screenshot?
  6. The Truth

  7. STBB #573 VOTE

    Logistics are for the admins bossing out on insider ip info. As in... yea how many shadow clones does Joa need to run this carry fascade? Calm it on the Sybil, bb
  8. what are you listening to?

  9. Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    Overzelly like some old crusted house shoes @ transfers @J'accusePlot Thou shalt not opinion
  10. what are you listening to? Bblack Hole Sunn
  11. what are you listening to?