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  1. Soviet Konducta

    Soviet Konducta

    Tape Fusion #4: Once Upon A Time In Bollywood (mixtape) • Mixtape of Bollywood soundtracks and music from India. • Dedicated to cult Indian movie Sholay (1975) • All tracks from original vinyl. • Recorded on soviet tape deck. Bandcamp Released July 27, 2018
  2. Soviet Konducta

    Soviet Konducta

    Tape Fusion #3: Без Булдырабыз! (beattape) Continuation of '20 Tatar Jazz Funk Greats' - beats based on rare soviet tatar & bashkir vinyl + Akai MPC2000XL + soviet cassette deck. Released May 25, 2018 bandcamp
  3. Soviet Konducta

    Soviet Konducta

    Tape Fusion #2: 20 Tatar Jazz Funk Greats (mixtape) -mixtape of 70s & 80s tatar and bashkir groovy music. -all tracks from original rare soviet vinyl. released March 24, 2018 mixcloud: SIDE A SIDE B
  4. Soviet Konducta

    Soviet Konducta

    I’m sure, many of you know that Madlib delivered a series of releases called the Medicine Show (beattapes and mixtapes) “forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton stack of vinyl". I think today his collection is far more, because this series have been released many years ago (2010/2011). Recently I got an idea to do something like that since I’m a big fun of Madlib’s music during a lot of time. My series which is called Tape Fusion should be taken as a homage or a remake, or a tribute (as you want). Undoubtedly, there are some differences. The series will be published every 2 months (as you remember even Madlib can’t cope monthly schedule). And the main difference is that it will be an "ongoing series". In the beginning, I have planned 13 parts (12 + bonus) but in process is became clear that I have many more ideas and 13 parts are so small to place all desired releases. Today I present the first part – the opening – the beats are made on the basis of Soviet and Eastern European vinyl plus AKAI2000XL. On the cover I decided to draw my GAZ 24 Volga (cult soviet car) hence, the name of the release - "24". By the way, this is my second black "Volga", I admire the old cars, their style and soul and all GAZ 24 is my favorite car from the Soviet car industry. So, meet the first part of Tape Fusion: beats, skits, vinyl, 2000Xl, 80s soviet cassette deck and ~ 22 minutes of Madlib inspired sound.