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  1. blatant self-promo

    My new beat tape "Fields of a Nomad" drops on 4/26. Here's one beat off it: I sampled myself playing keyboard, added some bass and drums, and cut up a vocal acapella / layered it to outline the harmony.
  2. STBB #580

  3. Kris van Huystee - Fields of a Nomad - out on 4/26

    Proud to announce the release of my latest beat tape effort. Big thanks to We Grow Wax for helping me put this together. Check it out on 4/26 Here's a beat from it with a free download:

    used this sample a while back, not gonna pretend like I just 5VXTd this ish.
  5. STBB#568 VOTE

    1. Pete Range 2. barty b 3. ruedenz
  6. STBB#568

    used the guitar sample, cut up a vocal acapella and pitched it around to outline the harmony, played keys + bass, and added a skit. Thanks for the love last round
  7. STBB#567 VOTE

    1. defMute 2. The Deli 3. FatVonFree
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