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  1. Kris van Huystee


    Love how this one turned out! Nice work man.
  2. Kris van Huystee

    Submit your favourite STBB tracks

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    STBB 581

    Stbb 581 Thanks for the love last round. Rules Make something using sample A (sample B is optional) Outside everything is allowed No limitations! Special Rules (optional): 1. Use sample B to outline your harmony in some way. Sample A contains plenty of dope chords that can be cut up and pitched around to an infinite amount of chord changes. Once you have established your harmony, stack the vocal samples from sample B to embellish your harmony. 2. Involve someone close to you (a family member, friend, colleague, etc.) In my perfect version of life, having a family and being a prolific artist would seamlessly harmonize. It's hard to make a record without accidentally having someone close make an appearance on your recording. Invite them to get involved in some way. Samples: Shameless self-promo My new beat tape “Fields of a Nomad” drops this month on 4/26. It will be available on all streaming platforms. I’d really appreciate if you all checked it out. There’s a track available on my SoundCloud today, which is an example of what I’m talking about in special rule 1. I stack the vocal sample to outline the harmony that I played on piano. Find it here: Peace Kris van Huystee The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 581“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer
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    STBB #580 VOTE

    1. brogrimm 2. Lonius x JoaGymshoe 3. elan vital
  5. Kris van Huystee

    STBB #580

  6. Kris van Huystee

    Kris van Huystee - Fields of a Nomad - out on 4/26

    Proud to announce the release of my latest beat tape effort. Big thanks to We Grow Wax for helping me put this together. Check it out on 4/26 Here's a beat from it with a free download:
  7. Kris van Huystee


    used this sample a while back, not gonna pretend like I just 5VXTd this ish.
  8. Kris van Huystee

    STBB#568 VOTE

    1. Pete Range 2. barty b 3. ruedenz
  9. Kris van Huystee


    used the guitar sample, cut up a vocal acapella and pitched it around to outline the harmony, played keys + bass, and added a skit. Thanks for the love last round
  10. Kris van Huystee

    STBB#567 VOTE

    1. defMute 2. The Deli 3. FatVonFree
  11. Kris van Huystee