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  1. STBB#570 VOTE

    Man, what a round. Well, the sample was very comforting, but the creative work that is done here by all of you is something that makes me very happy. 1 Kongchain I was rather skeptical reading Biggie, cause any halfway decent beat(maker) sounds good with him, but boy this one is a true banger. One of the first onces I heard, and it stuck with me. 2 enzoeyeris Superdope flip, kept repeating this one. 3 S.F.T - Nice bounce & that bass....Dude, I need a bass guitar. And the skills. Close to that in no particular order: DoktorCross - Top notch remix Chnucki Erdbeer - What the hell...with that metal guitar, insane. elan vital - "Just" a very sweet tune! Sixfingerz Crazy creative with all those elements that keep coming and going. JAKAL - Ufff...that break in the second half got me. theguen - true oldschool remix that would've made it on the A side back in the days.

    Dope sample. Went pretty much with standard chops but tried to add a bit of my special sauce to keep things interesting.
  3. STBB#569

    Wait a minute. How do you even change 90bpm 4/4 in a DAW?...Just kidding, exciting rules, I'm going in right now!
  4. STBB#568 VOTE

    1 Pete Range [aka da mighty voice] 2 FatVonFree [I'm a sucker for your style man] 3 Elan vital [creative flip, deep sound, loved the textures] S.F.T. & Soul-Jutsu & theGuen followed very closely.Don't get me wrong though, I loved a lot of that shit from all you guys.
  5. STBB#568

    Alright, my 2nd round. I got the feeling that my last one was a bit too ordinary, so I tried to switch things up a little. Mostly chopped the guitar sample, but picked up your idea Joa, and hummed into the mic (took me over an hour to find it...), then microsampled a tiny bit from that and put effects on it to create a basssound. The Organ Lead thingy coming in later is from the same voice recording, but different pitch / effects. Also recorded some percussion sounds from various random objects lying around closely (now that I found the mic again, I need to use it). Picked small pieces from the other two samples for some effects/atmosphere. The acapella obviously helps to keep things interesting (even though the time stretching is borderline). The whole song is kinda out of groove, but I kept it like that, sort of works for me.
  6. STBB#567

    Hi everyone, first entry...kinda nervous. Tried the last round as well, and made the mistake to listen to already posted beats -> confidence at zero instantly. Well, you gotta start eventually I guess.