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  1. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    I do not know why is My track not show in the post above in embed exist on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/yoniden/onom
  2. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    mono no snare good 3min time limit bad
  3. STBB #575 VOTE

    1- Lonius 2- Jakal 3- Moxatron Thanks for listen and comment
  4. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    I also have a beattape out this week on my soundcloud if anybody feel it!
  5. Yoni Den throwin down beats

    https://yoniden.bandcamp.com/album/twin-tigers-at-lucky-morning-gate <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3265775358/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://yoniden.bandcamp.com/album/twin-tigers-at-lucky-morning-gate">Twin Tigers at Lucky Morning Gate by Yoni Den</a></iframe> This is my fresh tape.
  6. STBB#574 VOTE

    sorry also am late. great beats everybody. Great on the win GFNella!
  7. STBB #574

  8. STBB #573 VOTE

    1 - naturelle.boombap 2 - Mahirishi aka BlackPancakes 3 - 2N!te also everybody, and great Otesla Musica Hungryman Voms PinataMan beantangerine Unseen Era
  9. :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Congrats for Win GFNella! Thanks all for comment and like, I try not to be the man with the longest this week!
  10. STBB#572 VOTE

    1 - Bleep 2 - GFNella 3 - Phaks
  11. STBB #572

    record some atmos outside a cafe yesterday morning. the garbage truck comes, and some cars and a delivery of fizzy drinks. layered up atmos over beat, chopped in some car horns and street noises from atmos into beat. Beat is all sample and three outside drum (Kick, bass and snare).
  12. STBB#566