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  1. STBB#566 VOTE

    Fuck, everyone brought crazy heat this week!! Made it realll tough to pick my top three, but I got em: 1. DEF MUTE 2.Kowalzki 3. Sol Sauvage Feeling super grateful to be involved here, I'm learning a lot from this community. Thank you all for being so dope.
  2. STBB#566

    Not sure I love this one, it definitely could have used some addtnl. work. But fuck it, wanted to meet the deadline and get something in. Y'all are some bad motherfuckers w/ the beats around here. Honored to be involved.
  3. STBB#566

    Yo great work man! & the sample is crazy nice!
  4. STBB #565 VOTE

    First time entering, first time voting. There was some crazy nice flips this week. My top 3 would go like this: 1. FatVonFree - Insane energy on this beat, and that guitar was fucking madness son. 2. HOBGOBLIN - So dark, so fucking heavy. Sean P was a perfect fit for this one. 3. DefMute - This one bout broke my neck. Could listen to that bass line on loop for hours. Looking forward to the next one!
  5. STBB #565

    Ayyyy first entry here, couldn't pass up this sample. Made a simple flip with some sample chops, a break, some Redman chops, and a couple other elements. Looking forward to getting involved and getting to know everyone here, the entries I've listened to have all been real dope. Appreciate any and all feedback. Happy New Year yall.