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  1. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB#597 VOTE

    [3] lonius [2] Joa G. [1] KONG CHAIN Honorablez: FatVonFree, Granny David, Balstyrico, Detritus Tabu3, Lokal, B Jam Vs Enos, KappNeffect, Swoop Man, Butta Slick, Elan Vital, Sonic
  2. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB #596 VOTE

    3. Ruedenz [Vibe City] 2. Kong Chain [Swing City] 1.Big Lon The Don [Smooth City] Also really dug the entries from Joa, Slik Nik, Ruedenz, SaltMcg, Roddy... Everyone brought it as per usual tho ✌️
  3. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB 596

    Chopped + Layered both samples, added some slappy drums & addtnl goodness.
  4. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB #593 VOTE

    Ayy guys posting as I run out the door to work, so no flashy font bizness this week. Just gonna keep it basic. 3.DefMute 2. FatsVonF. 1. Kowalzki Everyone brought it this week though, props all around. Peace
  5. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB 593

    First STBB in a minute, been mad busy. Still shaking off the dust haha. Crazy dope sample pack this week, prolly gonna flip all them joints.
  6. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB #582 VOTE

    Had to listen & vote on mobile so no comments/feedback this week. Also not gonna eff w/ fonts for the same reason. All kindsa crazy fire entries, great sample choice. I got: 3. DefMute 2. JoaGymShoe 1.Jay Mykal shouts to Naturelle, Kowz, Barry S, Resub, Five, Lif, Dajamah & all y’all for the work you put in.
  7. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB # 582

    Sample was so fire, really enjoyed the time limit. Def. helped me keep focus and not trip on little shit. Mix would have been better with another hour no doubt.
  8. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB#581 VOTE

    It feels so good to be back! I forgot how dope and supportive all of ya'll are. Not to mention mad creative. Super grateful for the community. On to votes! 3. Unseen Era 2. Banizz 1. DefMute
  9. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB 581

    Used samples A & B, added super swaggy acapella, sound clip is from a convo with my boy Avery J about the longest street in America Colfax Ave.
  10. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB'tles #578 VOTE

    Mannn all kinds of amazing work this week. Top 3 Goes.... 1. Elan Vital [4 dope flips, favorite has to be the first. kept it real boombap for sure.] 2. Jay Mykal [Love the drums and vocal chops on both flips. Mix is super on point.] 3. Fivepee [all 3 flips are fire, that 2nd beat/ interlude is so fucking dark. Wanna hear Sean P. over that loop.] Shouts to Brogrimm, Rumpetaske, Ragamuff, Bigfam, Jakal, Joa, Kowalkzi for superb entries as well.
  11. ThatKidCourageous

    STBBeatles #578

    Non entry collabo edition.
  12. ThatKidCourageous

    STBBeatles #578

    Yooo these rules were dope! Luckily I have a pretty decent Beatles vinyl collection, so I pulled all my samples from those. Main sample loop & vocal chant is from the song "Anna" off introducing the beatles Layered in an additional snare from "Flying" off of magical mystery tour Dat hammer from Maxwell's silver hammer Small scratch of octopuses garden Vinyl pop from one of them.... Also have a version with a dope guest verse over top that Imma post as a non entry tomorrow.
  13. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB #577

    Awww shit. Glad I checked in, I fucked up on this rule as well. Have been cooking on an entry with just one additional version. Oh well, I'll just play fanboy this week.
  14. ThatKidCourageous

    STBB #576 VOTE

    Word! Good to know.