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  1. ShineOxygen

    STBB#589 VOTE

  2. ShineOxygen

    STBB#589 VOTE

    1,Lonius 2, Wolf 3,SO.ME1 a.k.a P1
  3. ShineOxygen

    STBB #589

    first one is non entry , no outside anything also
  4. ShineOxygen

    STBB #589

    all the sounds from samples
  5. ShineOxygen

    STBB #589

    i can send samples 2 you using email
  6. ShineOxygen

    STBB #589

    yeah , I almost watched all his movies(polanski) , John c.reilly is very good , all the actors are amazing , Christoph Waltz , Kate Winslet , Jodie Foster also , in this movie , John c.reilly and Jodie Foster catch my attention . carnage got so much energy 4 me other like: Nóz w wodzie (this movie and chinatown both no 1 for me ) Bitter Moon The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck ...
  7. ShineOxygen

    STBB #589

    congrat!!! Roman Polanski , one of my favorite directors!!! CHINATOWN , one of my favorite moive by polanski!!! sample , great music!!!
  8. ShineOxygen

    STBB #588 VOTE

    1,beantangerine 2,DJ AGENT M 3,Lonius
  9. ShineOxygen

    STBB#581 VOTE

    so hard to choose Lonius : so jazzy chill flips The Wolf: so strong beautiful sense , feelin like I stand at the top of the highest mountain :.G.F.NeLLa.: : so groovy shit , make my whole body keep movin on brogrimm: yeah , dooope beat & rap Bleep : hard shit , hard drum , great mixing , bang 黒宮秀幸 : club banger , great synth , exicting feelin Detritus Tabu3: great flips , cool atmosphere , (switched pitch )vocal is interestin', nice process Setta: all sound dope , cool bass , little japanese melody , cool Hoody: very cool sax , nice beat!!! JoeMoDo Boa : so abstract , feelin like midnight [KappNeffect]: dope dirty shit Barry Studebaker : every sound dope , clean , dope synth , whole track very very cool defMute : underground , raw shit , dope , love this track !!! rumpetaske : i really love this feelin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!( i want 2 say more , sorry 4 my english...)!!! CHiLLWiLL1013: the noise sound very warm & cool , dope track PiñataMan.Records : dark shit , cool Unseen Era : love the drums,crash sound cool , love the flips Super Sen : wow , wow , wow BLeS24 : very nice cool dope atmosphere!!!love this track Rob Chop The Vinylator: i can loop this track , vocal & beat fit dope , back in the days keith's lard : good sampling , dope hats vally:nice drum l i f:crazy shit , doooope/unique feelin' Banizzz:chill chill chill yo , dope yoni den: game synth sound , yo cool fivepee: nice buildin' , dope TkC:dope , feelin like old times enzoeyeris:drums so hard , every parts dope Fla : beautiful sound just as the title icon of this track 1,Super Sen 2,The Wolf 3,defMute ------------------------- (4)rumpetaske,Bleep,brogrimm,:.G.F.NeLLa.: ,黒宮秀幸,lif,Barry Studebaker ,Lonius ,enzoeyeris,BLeS24,Detritus Tabu3 ....................... Monthly Pro plan:
  10. ShineOxygen

    STBB 581

    I used sample a & b , outside drums & sax sample i chopped & others are synth vst
  11. ShineOxygen

    STBB 581

    and dope beat tape!!!
  12. ShineOxygen

    STBB 581

    congrats! nice sample!
  13. ShineOxygen

    STBBeatles #578

    congrats Fatvon! dope rules!
  14. ShineOxygen

    STBB #577 VOT3

    Congrats!!! @DonutProducer because I didn't follow the special rule(I just used a other song version),I'll pay more attention to the rule,do right thing...
  15. ShineOxygen

    STBB #577 VOT3

    1, Jay Mykal 2, [ B ] 3,per.du