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  1. l o k a l

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1) Mizube - hella chill. the mix is bright and airy which is a nice change. the vibe overall is perfect, and has been on a loop since i heard it. The interplay between melodic elements is pro and a nice call to most Japanese hiphop/beat culture while still maintaining a unique flavor, especially with how the trumpet solo was used and how the harp run was used to transition between different sonic states. The beat has a spacey intro, like if YMO covered Steve Miller. The main line used the brass section well, which transitioned perfectly into the trumpet solo. A nice callback to the vocal line, into the harp run, into the second verse with the harpsichord, and the addition of the vocal line really brought it all together. 2) FatVonFree - Gave me goosebumps. I really don't know how he turns out some complex and professional beats so quickly. Dude knows what he's doing and does it extremely well. The bass line on this track is top level and compliments the headnodic bounce so well (it's that perfect StonesThrow/LA bounce we all love). I really dig the dryness of the drums; they contrast nicely with the spatial elements of the track while not detracting from the overall psychedelic vibe. The guitar was a dope addition as well and riff wise, created a strong communication with the bass and the arp synth. While the track is a little loud, it forces you into immersion and really builds an environment akin to smoking with the homies and listening to Planet Caravan amongst other psychedelic, foundational acts. 3) DefMute - (dude... how do i make beats like you!? HOW!? shit was crispy.) A very classy vibe littered with digital dust. The drums were loose in the best way possible; i'm like 90% sure he plays everything by hand. I really liked how he spaced out all the elements. Everything had it's own space and the interplay between samples, while simple, really filled out the track and created a narrative anyone could vibe too. DefMute fosho has a signature lo-fi vibe that's all his own; it plays to the simplicity of the SP404 culture while maintaining a class that outshines most in the genre. Dude has chops. He knows it. HUGE S/O to @Julian.Convex. Once again, thank you so much for sharing these awesome samples and drums. You, along with all of the producers this week, really made some magic happen. Fingers crossed the winner matches it!
  2. l o k a l

    STBB #605

    Close out is at 12 tonight! (I know i know i did the same thing till looked at the thread). So change that title homie
  3. l o k a l

    STBB #605

    ⁄§⁄ sup everyone. here's my entry for the week. I started it at like 10:30 last night in a hellish rush to get it done and uploaded before midnight! (shits due today hahaha). sorry for the slack in the production but it was a fun one hour rush. I hope the music reflects my focus and not my panic. OH! also HUGE s/o to Julian.Convex!!! Thank you so much for the samples man. Plenty to work with for the next few weeks. I really appreciate you dude. peace, _LS
  4. l o k a l

    STBB#597 VOTE

    1) Lonius - locked in a head nod. such a dope groove. 2) FatVonFREE - spatial, dark, and psychedelic (plus those brushed hats coupled with the hella light snare rolls... how could i not vote for that!?) 3) kokosovyj matras - whoa. very smart trip-hop/bossa nova/hip hop/jazzy crossover.
  5. l o k a l

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    yo congrats on the win! been off the forum for a few months so lemme know how it goes ⁄§⁄ peace
  6. l o k a l

    secret beat-tape

    hey guys! i put together some secret beats, loaded them on a tape and decided to share. Give a listen BUT HURRY! i'll kill the link soon... The beats vary from hip hop, garage, house, and it's all something different. Thanks for listening! this link will expire within the next 48 hours ⁄§⁄
  7. l o k a l

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    ⁄§⁄ s/o to @dgtlbeats for the solid material. (dude. please dm the vinyl, I gotta cop.) had a completely different beat using live bass and rhodes but I came to conclusion that I suck at both... hahaha :c Everything was pulled from the sample and tediously edited and resampled to fit the track. If you listen carefully, you'll notice some of the beepboop synth in the snare the the kicks (i tried really hard to notch them out). The track took less than a day to produce. I'm fairly proud of the output since the sample, while absolutely awesome, was very noisy and had a lot of DC (as most sampled vinyl will). I had some vocal takes over the first flip but felt it took away from the track. Overall, I just wish I could've made it louder but the track is so dense I didn't want to kill your ears. Thanks for listening and please tell me what you think! if you're interested in how I made the track, hmu on soundcloud. ⁄§⁄
  8. l o k a l

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    i gotta ask, what is the sample from!?
  9. l o k a l

    STBB #584 VOTE

    I was really impressed with how a lot of beats turned out. now a days, it feels like a rare blessing to hear producers play real instruments. my votes are biased in this. 1) theDGTL - wow. WOW beautiful sax. The first flip was classic 2008 wobble filter love. The bounce was hypnotic! and how you snuck that sax in!! a great segway into the second flip with that baby flute popping in and out. the beat was clean and focused while still having a sense of freedom and expression. 2) FAT VON FREE - just for pure (and diverse) talent. pulling from a lot of different places and made something truly powerful. 3) WIGMASTER - it's nice to hear that SMACK snare in a beat. a classic sounding beat with the best use of the bass line. voting last minute. posted 11:58
  10. l o k a l

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    haha even still, i didn't read it right and missed the chance on adding my own drums! DOH! (btw, killer track)
  11. l o k a l

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    the rules seemed pretty clear to me. a real challenge! I wasn't able to fit the second sample in, but the various solos gave me enough to work with. NO OUTSIDE SAMPLES WERE USED // now listening to everyone else... i guess i could've added drums... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Everything was performed using Ableton's Sampler and a lot of editing (mostly to get rid of the pops during the flute solo). I really loved the drum solo and couldn't help but loop a couple of my favorite bars. Thanks to Per.du for the solid material! Also, s/o to his dad for good music taste! Pls share more!! ⁄§⁄
  12. l o k a l

    blatant self-promo

    Kris put this up in another thread that I had put up in the wrong topic. It's so good, I had to share it here. I just wanted to point out the amount of craft and patience he put into this track and how playful yet reserved the melody and chord structure flow. Speaking from my own bias, this track is an excellent example of where beats could be going (and should be going); calculated yet simple, full yet subtle. Use of custom instruments, vocal sampling and actual performance... not bashing on anyone, but ANYBODY can lift a Evans sample and throw some "lo-fi" sp303 beat over it, but it takes true craftsmanship to make something personal and inspiring. " My new beat tape "Fields of a Nomad" drops on 4/26. Here's one beat off it: I sampled myself playing keyboard, added some bass and drums, and cut up a vocal acapella / layered it to outline the harmony. "
  13. l o k a l

    blatant self-promo

    ⁄§⁄ I wanna hear what you've been making! Life is hectic and we don't have the time to share and keep up with the social media bs. I wanna hear your track and give it a good listen. If I love it, I'll promote it! Be sure to include some notes about the track; what inspired you, what you used to build the track (samples, synths, drums, w/e), or even how long it took you to make it! To get things started, here's me notes: Been under a lot of stress with some things in my life, mostly family. It's crazy when life happens, and how those that raised us pass forward and we inherit new purpose. This track came together quickly (about 5 hours) after meditating on the love I've learned from my family, both old and new. This track is because of the love of my family, for the love of my family. Call those that raised you, and raise them up. <3 thanks If you have any questions based on how the track was produced, aka what gear/techniques I used, HIT ME UP! I'm easy going and love to share the process. peaceful light to you and yours <3 ⁄§⁄
  14. l o k a l

    STBB #576 VOTE

    Hey I’m out getting my ears lowered probably won’t get home until 1230pst(earliest) I really hope Jay beats me to it. His beat was pure art. If you guys wanna pass it off, go for it! I’m just happy to participate <3 (just a heads up, if I was going I do the rules... NO OUTSIDE SAMPLES NO OUTSIDE DRUMS!! NO OUTSIDE INSTRUMENTS (useless it’s the sample transformed) Bass is cool. At most 1:15 in length. <samples provided: the Lynn break, Where You Will Be by Yaw, and The Pines of Rome by Ottorino Respighi performed by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra> looking for pure instrumentals. NO ACAPELLAS!) ... but I’m not at my computer soooooo... :c wump
  15. l o k a l

    STBB #576 VOTE

    fuck man. i'm sorry i didn't realize what i was writing. i was just being insecure and a bit manic. the beat is truly fire and i shouldn't even say shit like that. my bad man. i was just being dumb.