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    STBB#566 VOTE

    1. Pete Range 2. Scout 3. Oskarr Fuck you all guys, the level on this is soooo high. I'm totally sure that I can't be honest here cause there are so many styles and so many good beats, voting on three is just not enough lol (BAVNZ, Morti69, Oskarr, Setta, MANWOMANCHILD, 2nite, Rustee Frequency, Farmer Dillo, Blue Ear, PiñataMan.Records etc haha)
  2. forest


    Late but here! I couldn't participate in the last week and god... I already missed it, lol (just my third time here XD)
  3. forest

    resample methods. what's yours?

    I'm new to that, but I usually have a major sample that will probably go through the whole song. The sample usually dictates what will fit and the needs of the songs after I got creative with it 'cause the song will still have a lot of gaps. My creative process usually is something like listening to the whole song and chop interesting parts. Then I try to loop the loopable (i already listen to the song with that in mind). After that I try to figure out what are the potential of each loopable part (outro, part a, part b etc) and I put all these in a "song structure" tab on Ableton. In this structuring part I will try to add the most "out of the song" samples but they are usually percussion, since I rarely smash 2 or 3 songs together. These days the drum beat is coming after this part, but I'm really unsatisfied with it, since I'm ending with a lot of more of the same drum patters, so, I'm looking to change it. I like to use this solid base to add my own instrumentation, but after this - the major sample and my want to add me playing something - I don't have any "way to go". I will try to create - or find - sounds that will fill the voids and then it's done (guitar, bass and synths - rarely samples). I let it rest for a day, come back, EQ, mix, add more and usually call it done.
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    XTBB #564 VOTE

    1. FatVonFree 2. JoaGymshow 3. slanteyez (BLes24, sam knockz, MA Beats, Lonius - and everyone else, a lot of tight beats)
  5. forest

    XTBB #564

    Not happy at all with this beat but well... It's sounding ok. I couldn't turn it into a xmas song at all. I even made a dingo bells with the samples but throw it all away since it wasn't making any sense at all with the song lol. You guys nailed it, congrats <3
  6. forest

    STBB#563 VOTE

    That was HARD to choose, the level here is high, I'm really happy to be part of this. 1. ⚁N!TƎ 2. FatVonFree / I really like that approach. Using the beat and being part of it (the guitar and bass parts). 3. fivepee / Really interesting using of samples as perc and stuff. There was a lot of good beats and I made note of some songs, but I don't think I have any really good feedback. I just would like to say that JoaGymshow beat is nuts, the experimantation in this one was good and intense. It could be the 1. of the list but, to me, it crossed too much the line betweem experimentation and a solid beat sometimes - and I was listening the stuff with "would this be good at a popular playlist?" in mind.
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    Here are mine, guys I tried a 3/4, don't know if it got too confusing tough. Used just some drum parts and the rest is all samples from the songs - and external fx.