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  1. Lice II is Aesop Rock & Sandman's own thing, not a Stones Throw label release, not a part of the subscription. DJ Harrison is of course. Vinyl is expected in July.
  3. One of these (I can't remember which) was only turned in as an MP3. A few the others have been posted on Drip.
  4. Knx
  5. OK. Trying this again. We're now at 5XVT's avatar image is broken ... only him, no idea why.
  6. Good catch. I'll update.
  7. It looks like many were posted differently. In the thread that 5XVT linked, you can see which ones were posted with the simple link (all still embedded), and which were posted with BB Code. Unfortunately those are not embedded now. I'm not sure if there's anything we can do about that.
  8. We haven't needed the BB Code for a while now. We have several other things that automatically embed: Facebook, Flickr, Gfycat, Google+, Hulu, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube. Not supported yet: Bandcamp
  9. Certain content can be automatically embedded. For example, if a user posts a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo the video can be embedded into the post. Links from the following sites are supported: Soundcloud, Facebook, Flickr, Gfycat, Google+, Hulu, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and internal links to content within the community. Not supported yet: Bandcamp
  10. This subscription is all the vinyl we release, which is most of our records. Drip is all the digital we release, which is all of our records, with very rare exceptions like Knxwledge's vinyl-only "Side D" from Hud Dreems. Most of the time they're the same releases.
  11. We're trying out our first vinyl subscription. It's pretty simple: 1 year subscription for every record we release on vinyl, plus flat-rate shipping. (The shipping rate is pretty sweet if you're in the US, not so sweet if you're overseas.) We're trying this out only through the end of December 2016. Our first vinyl release of 2017 will be Madlib's Jaylib Remixes – first time on vinyl, plus an original, previously unreleased Dilla & Madlib track called "Da Ruckus"
  12. DJ Rashad of Teklife passed away just days after this was released
  13. Madlib has done several versions of "Raw Addict" Original version (circa late 90s? I forget) released on a limited edition thing celebrating our 100th release Jaylib version. Fuck know what Dilla is doing in these clouds tho. Entirely different version on the 2005 Quas album