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  1. STBB #580

    aaa.soon the sun rises in the east . my 580 entry . aded some piano scratches..not shure if it counts..if not, I'll set as non-entry..was fun to play with the bass . thx for the sampels . greatings .n
  2. STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    yeah ! Great. love to hear soon Joa on Trap !
  3. STBB'tles #578 VOTE

    big tunes hard to vote.. Beatangerine (doope future sound), jay mykal, (B), per.du, JAKAL (uuuu), Butta Slick, brogrimm, barty b, kowalzki ... fabolous fatvfree . so much good tunes ya.let's do it,,,like jay based on the boom bap rule i give my points to 1. Jay Mykal (first part) 2. Butta Slick 3. The Home of Dope Beats
  4. STBBeatles #578

    fat work O my entry: Samples: Drums: Baby you are a rich man / Hello Goodbye Strings: the inner light / I am the Walrus Clap: Revolution Snare: All I've got to do Bass: I feel fine Vocals: I am the Walrus / Lady Madonna
  5. STBBeatles #578

    ....beatles solo stuff . f.e. john lennon solo stuff ok ?
  6. STBB #577 VOT3

    my vote 1.FatVon 2.donut producer 3.BAVNZ
  7. STBB #577

    additionals by Carmen McRae Cal Jazz Choir . Rap by Max & Stieber Chris . ya knw
  8. STBB #577

    cool can choose in what format should be converted
  9. :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    aRRGh...was workin with the stuff...spend time rec, slice , combine , pushin buttons and the . my mpc hung up . nothing to do than switch of. so..fortunatly I was in a good mood and didn't throw the machine through the window. goD thanks. greatings..and take care while jumpin round good time.bless
  10. STBB#572 VOTE

    omgosh. coool stuff .how to decide ? 5XVT - love to the beastie intergalactic and also to the deep instrumentation Kamei - nice rhyme flow that goes great with the inst 2 FatVon - constantly fat work, instrumentalist always proper mix resubmann3rs - the secret hint - great final ChillWill - kind of madmax stuff Bleep with the phat fareast trap wildness Yoni - coool to hear a 8 minute track - and I was always into it Vox - verry solid bangr to me GF - head goes for miles, proper mix 1 5P - let me go fly 3 elan tells me a niiice story by that track - travelin stuff Detritus let me jump round go wild head full of colours and circles Unseen Era - epic stuff - captain future 2018 in a hip hop stlye that is travlin forward with Bless24 D-Skills - biig part I and iII
  11. STBB #572

    last night @ my bro's house .a. you have a kitaro rec. perhaps the stbb sample is on that rec....o..unfortunatly not ok . open the net. rec,slice,play that _ during my bro worked on his mpc, I was bored and checke out that kitaro rec...and worked well togehter.. yo bo..theres the rule to include a field recording....weeee could combine those sounds...rec with the mobile..that would count.ya ? ya.but the quality... so we decide to make a freestyle with the LP and the MPC and rec it . kitaro was on the field, we recorded it . wish you fun with our good mastered sound .JOY
  12. STBB #571 VOTE

    1 jakal 2 s F t 3 sol sauvage resubmann3rs kowalzki x gymshoe
  13. STBB #571

    short Disco ish on the 1 , acc on the 2 . disco-mixer in the middle . get down to the funky sound
  14. STBB #565 VOTE

    when I went back from my mountain trip. mouth full of chocolate . not finished all my swiss rap rec scratches because brother sleep was too nice . upload was ready. some hours later . happy lucky to hear all the work go with 1 MA Beats ✪ BrrrA e.verything I wanna hear 2 SEbP dirty deep Banger 3 l o k a l Chillin vibes fat as usual .dope beat. guitar as (or beter) than the orginal . big tune !
  15. STBB #565

    finally was successfull
  16. STBB #565 much dope stuff... was a nice to flip the sample . always on the mind, I make a original swiss track only ad drums and sub are outside (swiss) material season greatings.. nik aka jack nickelson aka nick tschägger aka
  17. STBB #562 VOTE

    3 ) Supafly Arturo (coool build up.) 2 ) Langa Lunts (heheheheh.swedish styla) 1 ) PinataMan ay was so happy . like a mad-dilla Beat was happy bout FivePee funkyschool sound, Mushroom Radio, Dirty Butta Beats
  18. STBB #562 Radio

    Aaaarghhh..Recorded, Cuttet, Directored, ripped and drunk some beer as you can hear . just took some lil pieces and finally learnd some nu stuff bout my mpc . 16 level :o harhar har .joy to following radio show. greatings.
  19. STBB #561 VOTE

    Sorry folks. I did not want to stand on anyone^s feet. as old punk, hippie, root rocker or what ever, that spend as much money as possible in collectin records, go to jams , it's also great to be able to hear cool sound, they already has been spreaded (for example in the net..soundcloud.. or whatever...why not have them on walkman or some to lisn to by walkin in the forest.without streamin connections...yeah.. was perhaps not the right place to write, I agree, but I hold it down with cool sound .. show it to my friends and keep it great . aaaam . yeah . peace .seeee ya out there .still human heart
  20. STBB #561 VOTE

    take them . nik the ripper t
  21. STBB #561 VOTE

    GF x JonDis . doooope second part digin pinataMan .oueeei. 3. Deepak Oprah dooope boom bass tracker 2 .FatvonFree .smooth track absolutly good producet . like choclate 2 the brain 1 ! Old Guys Joe x D.T. .dopest everythin
  22. STBB #561

    upload for my man OK
  23. STBB #561

    Rob Chop N Nick workin stuff . collage style . tomorrow is a new day . was real cool sample stuff . greatings
  24. STBB # 560

    my man DJ OKAY mit am Start . season greatings.nik
  25. STBB # 560

    Hell YEAH . I do 4 shure . some are in random list . fuck a job from nik laze for example . great great hear on way to last. I love my work. but sometimes, rain is gettin from down up, me ridin my bicycle like every day . good against stress . body move and some.. Yeah . I DO so . go on . bring the mf ruckus