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  1. slick nick

    STBB 593

    ayeah...just three ours . kind of break
  2. slick nick

    STBB 593

    thx man. my mpc only goes with wav . would be always work to convert. thx to U man
  3. slick nick

    STBB #592 VOTE

    outher space stuff.just saw . wanted to share
  4. slick nick

    STBB#589 VOTE

    1 Banizz z 2 Koaraktor 3 Wolf 4 Lonius / Det Tabu
  5. slick nick

    STBB #589

  6. slick nick

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    yo per.du. thx for hosting this week . what about scratches. it sounds like no vocal scratches...what about melody scratches ? for expl. a piano line ?
  7. slick nick

    STBB #583 VOTE

    ar.hard to vote . some cool tracks down with accas . some slow jams . some abstracts . me go 4 1. Detritus Tabu3 ll kind of mix of those categories . love (here's the gza fan 0': 2. per.du made me jump around 3. ⚁N!TƎ . slow jam election sonic head nod . joa (! that gym fit so well) . soul-j . Brogrimm . Super Sen (.) . (.) was a fun jam .congrats 2 ya all
  8. slick nick

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja

    yo .link has done job that week after midnight. I guess the voice is lil to loud..but its time to go sleep . : greatings 2 all ya happy to hear all ya stuff and grow with the comments..
  9. slick nick

    STBB #582 VOTE

    aaa a. I know I was to late just for beer and boom bap lovers . happy if 1 likes it .was a cool challange with that rule and cracy what ya all have done out of it...
  10. slick nick

    STBB #582 VOTE

    1. Ruedenz 2. Huxlay 3. Lonius
  11. slick nick

    STBB # 582

    finally I started my machine .. here's my late entry....90 minutes of pure lust and energy to 70 seconds bumped beer . or something like that
  12. slick nick

    STBB #580 VOTE

    Kris van 1. 2 Hobgoblin 3 the Wolf GFThelonious.Super.Microphonist.: .......and that dope Lonius non entry JOINT dt edna rob chop .B. -{{{\.\.\.Lon.don-S.tyl*e./././}}}- [stbb 580] ᔓ꓄฿฿ #580 flash st
  13. slick nick

    STBB #580

    aaa.soon the sun rises in the east . my 580 entry . aded some piano scratches..not shure if it counts..if not, I'll set as non-entry..was fun to play with the bass . thx for the sampels . greatings .n
  14. slick nick

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    yeah ! Great. love to hear soon Joa on Trap !
  15. slick nick

    STBB'tles #578 VOTE

    big tunes hard to vote.. Beatangerine (doope future sound), jay mykal, (B), per.du, JAKAL (uuuu), Butta Slick, brogrimm, barty b, kowalzki ... fabolous fatvfree . so much good tunes ya.let's do it,,,like jay based on the boom bap rule i give my points to 1. Jay Mykal (first part) 2. Butta Slick 3. The Home of Dope Beats
  16. slick nick

    STBBeatles #578

    fat work O my entry: Samples: Drums: Baby you are a rich man / Hello Goodbye Strings: the inner light / I am the Walrus Clap: Revolution Snare: All I've got to do Bass: I feel fine Vocals: I am the Walrus / Lady Madonna
  17. slick nick

    STBBeatles #578

    ....beatles solo stuff . f.e. john lennon solo stuff ok ?
  18. slick nick

    STBB #577 VOT3

    my vote 1.FatVon 2.donut producer 3.BAVNZ
  19. slick nick

    STBB #577

    additionals by Carmen McRae Cal Jazz Choir . Rap by Max & Stieber Chris . ya knw
  20. slick nick

    STBB #577

    cool can choose in what format should be converted
  21. slick nick

    :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    aRRGh...was workin with the stuff...spend time rec, slice , combine , pushin buttons and the . my mpc hung up . nothing to do than switch of. so..fortunatly I was in a good mood and didn't throw the machine through the window. goD thanks. greatings..and take care while jumpin round good time.bless
  22. slick nick

    STBB#572 VOTE

    omgosh. coool stuff .how to decide ? 5XVT - love to the beastie intergalactic and also to the deep instrumentation Kamei - nice rhyme flow that goes great with the inst 2 FatVon - constantly fat work, instrumentalist always proper mix resubmann3rs - the secret hint - great final ChillWill - kind of madmax stuff Bleep with the phat fareast trap wildness Yoni - coool to hear a 8 minute track - and I was always into it Vox - verry solid bangr to me GF - head goes for miles, proper mix 1 5P - let me go fly 3 elan tells me a niiice story by that track - travelin stuff Detritus let me jump round go wild head full of colours and circles Unseen Era - epic stuff - captain future 2018 in a hip hop stlye that is travlin forward with Bless24 D-Skills - biig part I and iII
  23. slick nick

    STBB #572

    last night @ my bro's house .a. you have a kitaro rec. perhaps the stbb sample is on that rec....o..unfortunatly not ok . open the net. rec,slice,play that _ during my bro worked on his mpc, I was bored and checke out that kitaro rec...and worked well togehter.. yo bo..theres the rule to include a field recording....weeee could combine those sounds...rec with the mobile..that would count.ya ? ya.but the quality... so we decide to make a freestyle with the LP and the MPC and rec it . kitaro was on the field, we recorded it . wish you fun with our good mastered sound .JOY
  24. slick nick

    STBB #571 VOTE

    1 jakal 2 s F t 3 sol sauvage resubmann3rs kowalzki x gymshoe
  25. slick nick

    STBB #571

    short Disco ish on the 1 , acc on the 2 . disco-mixer in the middle . get down to the funky sound