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  1. SmokeAndBeers

    STBB #592 VOTE

    1. BLeS24 2. KOARAKTOR 3. Kowalzki
  2. SmokeAndBeers

    STBB #592 [spaced-out]

    Glad to see these battles are still going for now. Haven't been making any music and this was motivation. I used a one second clip from Izzanelli pitched down and a chopped and filtered bass from Rimbert for the groove backdrop. Then chopped a little drum break and played some synths over top. And added an homage to my favorite TV show.
  3. SmokeAndBeers

    STBB# 543 - Sound Sculpting Week

    Congrats on the win! So, just a quick question. It says to only use up to two percussive elements of our choice besides synthesizing using the supplied sample pack. But what about the open drums in the 1 sample? Can we use those or does that count towards our two other drum/perc elements? Just was looking for a little clarification. Thanks.
  4. SmokeAndBeers

    STBB #542 VOTE

    1. sam knockz 2. Hobgoblinbeats 3. ·•D∆JÅMAH•· This was tough to choose. There was a lot of stuff I liked. It came down to choosing the top three that I would want to rhyme on just so I had some basis to work off of. But there was definitely some really creative stuff going on here across the board. Peace
  5. SmokeAndBeers

    STBB #542

    Hey how's it going? First post here. I just found this place and it seems pretty active. I threw something together for this. The mix needs work and is pretty ugly haha. But figured I'd put it up anyway. Looking forward to hearing everyone's stuff. Peace.