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  1. naturelle

    STBB #582 VOTE

    1. Lonius 2. Ragga/*\MuFF 3. defMute
  2. naturelle

    STBB # 582

    Been on that "10 minutes" videos for a while and tried that approach sometimes in the past but recently forgot it. As I don`t have that much time to make music at the moment, I really enjoyed doing it again. Big up for the sample selection!
  3. naturelle

    STBB #573 VOTE

    1. OTESLA 2. KOWALZKI 3. THE WOLF on repeat: MUSICA BANIZZZ HUNGRYM4N Gefällt mirRepostTeilenMehr
  4. naturelle

    :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Been hiking in the mountains. I like the silence and magic of being away from civilization to experience the deepness of nature. It really felt like a window to a new world.
  5. naturelle

    STBB#569 VOTE

    1.Elev8te 2. enzoeyeris 3. Dj Agent M this week had so many deep, relaxing beats. high level. really appreciate the vibes you guys are spreadin.
  6. naturelle


    Thank you for the advice. I changed the title.
  7. naturelle


    Sorry, I completely messed up the Pacific Time. Had a lot of fun doing it, so it would be great if it could still be added to the playlist, even as a non entry. 3/4 time signature added Bass
  8. naturelle

    STBB # 560

    recorded a ring that fell to the ground pitched that down and layered that with the snare and recorded some creaking of the floor
  9. naturelle

    STBB #559 VOTE

    some really nice dub versions on the plates this week 1. ·•D∆JÅMAH•· 2. kiffereitwo 3. Dimensions Tomorrow big up: kautzallainen, 5XVT, Lonius, DonutProducer
  10. naturelle

    STBB 559

    Congrats Kowalzki and great theme by the way! Really enjoyed that...
  11. naturelle

    STBB #558 VOTE

    1. per.du 2.Kowalzki 3.theGuen
  12. naturelle

    STBB#552 VOTE

    1. :.G.F.NeLLa.: 2._.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •._ 3. Kongchain [KappNeffect] FatVonFree CNR ClinikILL
  13. naturelle

    STBB# 552

    been a while, lifes got me busy, but I am happy to join again. Nice samples. got really hyped when i heard them.