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    ~ $TBB #544 ~

    On mac I got a really nasty one a few weeks back, filled the whole screen with toll numbers and female voice saying your mac is infected. I didn't force quit in time, so had to resinstall browser and lost my (luckily) backed up bookmarks. No probs on pc. sorry to chime off topic, but just throwing it out there. congratultions to the flobama for the win.
  2. LithiumLion

    STBB #543 VOTE

    (1) CHiLLWiLL1013 (2) levi tretschinken (3) ceeazy So many great beats this week. Genuinely rekindled my motivation to push and refine ideas and techniques.
  3. LithiumLion

    STBB# 543 - Sound Sculpting Week

    Used an old soft sampler by Emu, (Emulator X3), recorded direct into logic, then ultrabeat. No external sources used. Probably overkill with the space designer reverb, but hey I thought I deserved it!! Very Enjoyable experience.
  4. LithiumLion

    STBB #542 VOTE

    1: MichaelMichaelson 2: DJ Agent M 3: Porez
  5. LithiumLion

    STBB #542

  6. LithiumLion

    STBB #541 VOTE

    (1): HUXLAY (2): KOARAKTOR (3): Barry Studebaker
  7. LithiumLion

    STBB #541

    Thanks for the tips from everyone regarding the drums. It was mostly down to some gear issues.
  8. LithiumLion

    STBB #541

    Some great beats so far, but I’m a bit bewildered as to how people are getting their drums to sound so good (punchy kick. Crisp hi hat), if no outside drum samples are to be used. (unless they came under fx) Spent ages trying to isolate a hat from the Dorsey track (filter, compression, fade out) but was disappointed with the result. Appreciate some clarification (not secrets!)
  9. LithiumLion

    STBB #540 VOTE

    1ST PLACE Valescu Beats 2 :LeftBoi 3 Organi5m
  10. LithiumLion

    STBB #540

    I hadn’t voted before as I thought you had to make 5 posts, before you could, but I was wrong (if you post a beat), so I will make sure I do this week!
  11. LithiumLion

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED
  12. LithiumLion

    STBB #538 New Member. Came across it via the elektron forum. Seems a nice place to submit ideas (for public scrutiny),but in general have fun.