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  1. Where are the asr-10 users at

    I used to have the rack of the EPS16, loved it. Sounded fantastic and I put a HXC SD card reader in it too. Had to sell when I moved interstate, left on a motorbike and the EPS wasn't gonna fit on the back
  2. Hot Sugar

    Actually, I found Reasons NNXT sampler super useful for stuff like this. You can right click a sample in NNXT and choose 'set root note from pitch detection'. Then you can layer up samples in the NNXT and create really weird out there instruments. Hot Sugar uses Reason btw https://www.propellerheads.se/blog/hot-sugar-on-sampling-the-world Edit: i just actually read the blog post i linked and thats how hot sugar uses NNXT
  3. First few tries on the Digitakt, running through SP404SX VinylSim. Super enjoyable sampler, anyone else rocking one?
  4. Hot Sugar

  5. Hot Sugar

    moon money is probably my favorite album
  6. Teenage Engineering OP-1

    I want an OP1 to go with the Sp404 and Digitakt. Been watching this guy on youtube making amazing tracks with just the OP1
  7. New (old) Dilla Beat Tape

    New to me
  8. Hot Sugar

    Yeah big fan here! Been listening to him for years.