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  1. Whats up everyone I haven't been able to post because my computer crashed! It's going to be a while until i come back to the battles. I'll still come around and vote, but until then, peace!
  2. Need to start digging in the beers
  3. DJ Agent M DonutProducer Julian Convex There was a variety of good ones
  4. @Grifty Beers i like. Modelo which im currently pounding. Corona, Dos XX, Pacifico, Blue Moon, Heineken, Shock tops. All these you can find at the corner store haha. Any suggestions?
  5. I used to watch battle rap like religion and someone who I enjoyed watching outside the US was Cruger. He's dope.
  6. I got a couple This is a band from mexico they play rap/punk/rock/. Dope band since they are very experimental with their stuff. Home Brew from New Zealand fucked with them heavy in highschool
  7. 1.PeR.Du 2. S I M 3. KrIs VaN HUySTEE Good stuff!
  8. Dope Samples
  9. What's up everyone. New to the Message Board. Here's my attempt
  10. Check this out
  11. Whats up everyone and the Stones Throw family. Check this out. https://soundcloud.com/feeleef Feedback would be great