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  1. 1. Lonius 2. Kris Van Huystee 3. Soul Jutsu sorry no crazy colors, had to hit it on the phone this week
  2. Congrats to donut last week, that shit was sick! I used 3 different parts of the sample this week with my own DRY ASS DRUMS of the SP404 and bass from the Minilogue
  3. 1. Hobgoblinbeats 2. Sol Sauvage 3. [KappNeffect]
  4. hey guys! great theme this week, made me want to chop up some doctor who on my free time. so you'll have to go easy on me this is my first beat battle and i'm very stoked to be a part of it! I wish I could've used more from sample A but I fell in love with the groove I got out of B and decided to roll with it. let me know what you think, I made the whole thing on an SP404-sx