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  1. 3. ras dude 2. yellow5ive 1. S i M
  2. Congrats on the win! some really great sounds in these samples Apologies to the admin I uploaded the wrong export and then have had mad troubles with my internet
  3. 1. Kowalzki 2. DonutProducer 3. sam knockz
  4. Congrats on the win! great samples so many options made this with a tape loop in tascam 424mk2, sp 404 and bass
  5. Congrats on the win really enjoyed the samples gutted i couldn't find enough time to have ago before the deadline
  6. 1. Hobgoblinbeats 2. DonutProducer 3. [KappNeffect]
  7. Congrats on the win ElanVital! that track was pure trip hop! You were killing me with so much to choose from with these samples I used A and B, played some bass, added drums and vocal one shots on the mpc
  8. 1. RAS-H 2. [KappNeffect] 3. DonutProducer
  9. Congrats - So many great samples, so hard to choose!