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  1. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585 VOTE

    AYE WHATS GOOD PEOPLE yo this week was mad inspiring! really liked peoples use of the sample and i got to hear some creative jawns ya dig? 3. JOAxbanizz-SHEESH THIS HITS FROM THE JUMP. Joa matches the beat perfectly and the first minute is flawless EDNA- i felt the kowalski comment that this is diplomats if them drums took the front of the mix this woulda been a contender kowalski- snare sounds like a paint can? im super impartial to vague dusty sampling so big ups FIVEPEE- breh this outro is NASTYYYYY great use of the mic for the sounds here! This some dark shit you school cats to the game over 2. HUXLAY- i feel like you put a lotta time into this and its really magical how you blended these chops. AND THESE DRUMS!??!?!?! THESE DRUMS?!?!?!?!?!? MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN IM BOUT TO GO SUPER SAIYAN mike-a-veli- let the rhodes talk and yes i am actually a fan thanks for asking super sen- hahaha i love this. i see some actual gypsie doing the stanky leg in front of a stoop 1. FATVONFREE- gahhhhhhhhhhhhly what the heck!!!!!!!!!!! the vibe! the production! THE VOCALS! my exclamation key gettin worked! no seriously this is a big tune and really has a portishead vibe and i enjoyed this front to back, and your sheer use of the mic and outside elements is what really sold me. kappneffect- spacey, and the wobble is so nasty AWESOME WEEK OVERALL! this was super inspiring to see what people did with what i consider a more difficult sample (long samples are harder to me cuz you gotta chose a direction and also there was no clear motif that stood out even though this track was a great jazz record). Thanks for the listens on the tracks but seriously it was about yall this week forreal im bout to go shed for a minute.
  2. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    WHATS GOOD PEOPLE ITS BEEN A WEEK. im so excited to hear what yall been cookin! here's my entry! Bass came from sampel Main drums frem smpla Wierd perc instrument thing fmro smeple Percs: The goat hide from my lil Moroccan handrum Some quarters in my pocket A box full of toothpicks (mint flavored thanks for asking) My mouth Oh yeah I also sang a lil bit
  3. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    oooohhh. id really love to tell you. man id love to tell you cuz i get excited talking about my vinyl collection even though its small. how bout i give you a hint: the featured artist played on kind of blue and somethin else
  4. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

  5. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Consider that payback for idina menzel 😂😂😂😂
  6. dgtlbeats

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Sorry for the confusion breh! The only two ways you can derive sounds is from the sample, or if you physically play them (guitar, bass, drums, woodwinds, trumpets, live pianos, a crumpled piece of paper, your dogs belly) Obviously you can play that or sequence it. Wanna make a synth outta the sax sound through multisampling? GO FOR IT! Wanna make a bass sound from the sample? GO FOR IT! wanna use outside drum sounds and vsts? Nope. Wanna play some drums live and record that? Yup! The main thing here is: no outside samples or vsts. The only outside sounds you can use are ones you play via mic, piezo, etc. Actually lets just keep this simple and say no synths period. Also let's not get cute here and get into the discussion of midi and all that it really is just sample and mic thassit.
  7. STBB #585 Hello good stbb people much love for the votes! happy to be the rulemaker for a week! RULES no outside anything except! FEATURE YOU DOING SOMETHING AWESOME. IF YOU SING, SING! IF YOU PLAY 20 DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS DO THAT! IF YOU DONT HAVE A MIC OR NO MEANS, IM SORRY! THATS THE ONLY OUTSIDE THINGS ALLOWED IS WHAT YOU RECORD/PLAY/HIT -good example: i got all of my sounds from the sample AND played kazoo too- da sample https://we.tl/X04tOVXp06 PS. YOU HAVE TO USE THE SAMPLE TOO. obviously you can still rock it if you have no means to record, but you must derive all of your sounds from the 11 minute sample! ❤️ The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 584“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Please label entries that are posted after the deadline or don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com
  8. dgtlbeats

    STBB #584 VOTE

    Ayeeeeee! I'm super pumped! Shouts to wig and Kowalski! I'll be posting/sending rules tomorrow first thing!
  9. dgtlbeats

    STBB #584 VOTE

    Holy crap
  10. dgtlbeats

    STBB #584 VOTE

    whats good peoples! this week had some awesome flips! shouts to _.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ • def wanna hear a spitta on this one 黒宮秀幸 man i really love the feel of this one and its HUGE Huxlay with the weird super slow alt vibes and tbh i always mess wit this kinna stuff SEBP- hectic, straight contorting the sample and yes i do nod my head to such things WIG MASTAH- have you seen my wig. it is missing now and i dont know where it went. 2. FAT VON FREE- breh you ouchea playin drums, bass, guitar, man. I really like everything about this 1. KOWALSKI- THIS FLIP WAS A QUICK ONE DONT LIE THIS IS LUSH AND IM ALL ABOUT IT. and that second half? pfffffffffffffff come ON YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME 3. LONIUS- had a super sleeper. im not gonna lie i wasnt really into it the first listen, but this one crept up on me super hard. Thanks for the listens, likes, and general awesomeness as usual peoples ❤️
  11. dgtlbeats

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    Here's my entry for this week! Outsider percussion (copper mug, finger snap, kick, snare and hat) Played some sax and made chill sunny sunday music!!!
  12. dgtlbeats

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    you are all good! i am the kid with questions this week haha
  13. dgtlbeats

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    +1 so for instance, if we want to play an instrument like a guitar or sax live we can do that? or nah? also want to know the vocal in the sample thing haha fatvon askin all the right questions
  14. dgtlbeats

    STBB #583 VOTE

    hello great week! i love these no outside anything weeks cuz they def make you think outside the box! here's my favorites sonic had excellent drums brogrim had hella dope textures 3. kowalski, man this whole track was excellent. i really enjoyed the outro, and as a fellow ugly drum-er, i was vibing with the whole piece joagymshoe had the original cut of work by rihanna which i appreciate because not a lotta people knew that it existed except senseis who kept they ear to the street in the early 2000s 2. BLEEP- HOLY CRAP MAN THIS VIBE IS SO GREAT JEEEEZ. ALSO BE REAL HOW DID YOU DO THAT BASS. HMMM? YOU GOTTA TELL ME FORREALLLLLLL 1.PER.DU what the heck man i gotta cast my vote im super impartial to this sound as a whole but then i thought about that acapella being about the club and it being in fact a beat you might hear in a club that these dudes were talking about and i am for that noise so congrats you get my vote and im still amazed with this bass sound wtf you gotta be kidding me smdh! Thanks again for being awesome yall now im a get back on it!!!!!!
  15. dgtlbeats

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja