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  1. Old_Flowers

    doom conspiracy

    your mother also suck donkey dick for willy nelson tickets
  2. Old_Flowers

    doom conspiracy

    all the beats on mm food and operation doomsday are not produce by him ! but by subroc ! thats why he recyle always the same shit. because he can't make his own beats.
  3. Old_Flowers

    90's Stones Throw Webpage

  4. Old_Flowers


    Drake is corny as fuck
  5. Old_Flowers

    "Legal Sampling Is Now As Easy As Online Shopping"

    dude are you on crack ?
  6. Old_Flowers


    the remixes are boring as fuck
  7. Old_Flowers

    Always 2 real

    shut the fuck up
  8. Old_Flowers

    R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    sweet dreams white prince
  9. Old_Flowers

    Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    Sonic Edition ! they are expensive ! but its museum quality ! https://www.soniceditions.com
  10. Old_Flowers

    Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    Lyor Cohen
  11. Old_Flowers


    what does this have to do with any comment posted here ?
  12. Old_Flowers


    lmfao im pretty sure that is a madlib beat lmfao ! MF DOOM stealing Madlib beats. probably got the beat for madvillainy and forgot he didnt produce it
  13. Old_Flowers

    overrated rapper list

    Talib kweli is not lyrical. show me a hot lyrical bar from talib or guru......
  14. Old_Flowers

    overrated rapper list

    name the most overrated rappers in hiphop. that are considered dope and real rap but are actually not even that lyrical Guru, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Onyx, Andre 3000,
  15. Old_Flowers


    boring beat