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  1. joeboa18

    STBB #605 VOTE

    d3f mut3 B-Jam vs Enos Swoopman
  2. joeboa18

    STBB #605

    Tried some things, hope y'all dig... I'm actually gonna vote this week! haha respect to all.
  3. joeboa18

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    somethin quick and funkesque, appreciate yous peep! one.
  4. joeboa18

    STBB #603

    only messed with the Benson track, bigups! and peaceee.
  5. joeboa18

    STBB #602

    used drums from 2nd sample, everything else from the first…enjoy!
  6. joeboa18


    respect to the winners of last #peace...
  7. joeboa18

    STBB #597 - Gabor Szabo

    lil sump'n, props to the last winner!
  8. joeboa18

    STBB #589

    congrats homie, interesting stuff this week, peace!
  9. joeboa18

    STBB #588

  10. joeboa18

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    All sounds came from the sample no outside nothin… vibe to it… peace
  11. joeboa18

    STBB # 582

    nice win nice sample respect.
  12. joeboa18

    STBB 581

    i take pride in bringin that left field ish ,appreciate y'all ,congrats to the winners
  13. joeboa18

    STBB #580

    Bigups to the winner/sample provider Peace godZ!
  14. joeboa18

    STBB #577

    fun as always...appreciated the!
  15. joeboa18

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    partook in the st paddy's day shenanigans... cheers!