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  1. 61Beatz

    STBB #588 VOTE

    1. :.NeLLa.Good.FeLLa.: 2.ruedenz 3.CHILLWILL1013
  2. 61Beatz

    STBB #588

    Nice samples! heres my entry
  3. 61Beatz

    STBB # 582

    Hi guys, nice sample and nice rules ! I recorded the process of the Beatmaking, i´ll link it somehow in this post:D Enjoyyyy! https://soundcloud.com/sixtyonebeats/stbb-582 https://youtu.be/nwZsU_sV7L4
  4. 61Beatz

    STBB #541

    This time i kept it simple hope you guys like it :)))
  5. 61Beatz

    STBB#535 VOTE

    I like the beats from 2n!te, MA Beats, per.du, Axwai, D-Skillz, Kris van Huystee. But my votes go to: 1. Julian Convex 2. Doom Dap 3. DonutProducer
  6. 61Beatz

    STBB#534 VOTE

    1. axwai productions 2. S i M 3. Ma Beats
  7. 61Beatz

    STBB 534

    Yo guys, had a lot of fun doing this one. I used some parts from the school boy and the drum fill from the unveil bridge, added some drums and a live bass-ish sound and a piano for the second part.
  8. 61Beatz

    STBB #524 VOTE

    1. Sashimix 2. #Setta 3. per.du
  9. 61Beatz


    Hope you guys like it! It´s the first time i participate in the stbb´s.