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  1. SashiMix

    STBB#536 VOTE

    Hey here my vote brainsick beats Doom Dap Soul-Jutsu x JoaGymshoe : | : | : ) Many cool productions ! respect to all ! and thanks for your comments. And sry for not living comments my english is such bad at moment i am requiring google to translate this few words Ps : @Soul-Jutsu I vaguely understood your comment and how do you know my name ? ''I thought I hide my game well''
  2. SashiMix

    STBB 536

    Hi here my work :) one of my favorite game ^^ i use much osilators on this one thanks for listening Peace
  3. SashiMix

    STBB #531 VOTE

    Elanvital Cyng Mink-C Dope sounds form all hard to choose
  4. SashiMix


    Hi here my work Thanks for listen Delia <3 Enjoy
  5. SashiMix

    STBB #528 - AMBIENT

    here my work no time to finish it :/ i will add an dirty reese base and melody one day, samples are sick thanks for that good moment
  6. SashiMix

    STBB #528 - AMBIENT

    Hi here my unfinished project no time to finish bass line and melody :/
  7. SashiMix

    STBB #525

    Hello here my work , after all i don't know if i should use distortion on this track fell like something missing or that distortion kill all the vibe nice flips evryone thank you for listen
  8. SashiMix

    STBB #524 VOTE

    Thank you for all yours comments, I have listened to several times and the choice is really difficult to do a lot of production and vibes ! 1. Per.du 2.Lonius 3.Setta
  9. SashiMix


    Hello Here my work Thanks for listen