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  1. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #547 VOTE

    1. Jams beats (loved how this one felt) 2. Ceeazy (I was sold when you pitched it up! Die liebe geht nach Karlsruhe zurück ) 3. MA Beats (so god damn smooth)
  2. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB#547 - M.J Flipping week

    dope rules!
  3. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #545 VOTE

    Really fun week 1. Perdu (like anyone else had a chance with the dopeness of this one!!!) 2. Organi5m (very smooth) 3. MA Beats (that first switch up just suckerpunched me!)
  4. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB 545 - Mixed genres week

    First of Congratulations to Fredson Well deserved!!! Here's my Beat: Looooooved the samples (15 Minutos might just be my new favourite song) A lot of pitching but I hope I made it work
  5. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #544 Vote

    1. Fredson Jacobs 2. ceeazy 3. 2n!te
  6. David_der_Zerstorer

    ~ $TBB #544 ~

    Here's my entry for this week loved the alicia vocals!
  7. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #539 VOTE

    A lot of entries this week. I was hoping some of them would bad so it would be easier for me to decide but of course, everyone delivered and the playlist was full of dopeness. So here are my votes: 1. flobama 2.MILK$ 3. Ogi feel the Beat Also shouts to Bugseed, Barry Studebaker, 2n!te, Lonius, Hobgoblinbeats, Zifhang, Soul-Jutsu, I could go on everyone did their thing this week
  8. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    Thought I'd make it soulful for this one
  9. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB#536 VOTE

    dope week here are my votes 1. slanteyez 2. FatVonFree 3.Lonius
  10. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB 536

    Awesome samples Had to throw something together real quick
  11. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB#534 VOTE

    Didn't have the time to do one myself this week Lot of dope entries 1. 2n!te 2. Kris van Huystee 3. 61Beatz
  12. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB 533

    Not a big acapella fan, not a big rapper either tho. So I decided to rap about breakfast. Loved the samples.
  13. David_der_Zerstorer


    Congrats! Here's mine. Oh boy that mandatory sample was not easy to handle. But I loved sample C!
  14. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB #529 VOTE

    1. Kris van Huystee (this is soooooo beautiful I'm probably responsible for half of the plays on this one had in on repeat for the week - it's just perfect!!!!) 2. Bleep (I love it, really dope synths) 3. beantangerine (very smooth)
  15. David_der_Zerstorer

    STBB 529 - SOUL

    A lovely selection