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  1. STBB #562 VOTE

    1) Five Pee 2) Langa Lunts 3) Big Family
  2. STBB #562 Radio

    Here is a quick one... At least i had some fun. I did no chops this time but cue point triggered everything in Mixxx. If you use Headphones and turn the volume down a bit you maybe get the sound I desired... If someone has some suggestions for mastering... please tell me.
  3. STBB #562 Radio

    Yeah Detrius, tell us a bit about yourself and your way of making beats, please! These winner interviews are cool!
  4. STBB #561 VOTE

    1) Detrius & Joa 2) Nella & JonDis 3) Barton Patrick & Samwise
  5. STBB #561

    HUNGRYM4N and me on this track... Thanks HUNGRYM4N!
  6. STBB #560 VOTE

    1) Cru 2) per.du 3) def mute
  7. STBB # 560

    Regarding to Joa's post. I really like to make a collaboration next week, but my weekend is full so i could start earliest on Monday working on something. So I really would enjoy if somebody starts... It's really hard to say what i wanna do without knowing the samples or the rules. As you know i really enjoy classic hiphop beats... I want to make a trap song some day ... I like efx and delays... So if you want to join forces with me give me a message. cheers, Gün
  8. STBB # 560

    The samples are great! Thanks! Wanted to make a collabo... to late... Wanted to play a bit guitar... realized that i don't have an amplifier anymore... christmas comes So here it is with two fieldrecordings from my phone 1) Hammerlike sound wich i recorded near a construction site 2) Me dumbassdeskdrumming while listening to my beat I was lucky to find an acapella wich suits my beat... nearly no work needed to make it fit. Hope you enjoy!
  9. STBB #559 VOTE

    1) :.G.F.NeLLa.: 2) ·•D∆JÅMAH•· 3) Graftaq ... no dub elements... otherwise it would be 1
  10. STBB 559

    Way to late this week... I had very little time but then i flipped the Samples yesterday... I had fun with some Siren Samples and vocal chops I found the schematics of the NJD-Siren on the internet... I guess I have to build one for real. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  11. STBB #558 VOTE

    I listened the last two hours through all your great Flips reordering my top three a thousand times... so let's go 1. FxWx 2. resubmann3rs 3. sam knockz I would have voted "Never too late" first... But it's a non-entry... The Instrumental is real cool but too much competition here... the rhymes and the refrain make it super dope...
  12. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    Congratz solsauvage! I had a lots of fun with this one... What I have heard so far it will be as difficult to vote as last week... Nice work everyone!
  13. STBB #557 VOTE

    1> elan vital 2> joa gymshoe 3> dj agent m closely followed by kongchain - fatvonfree - hungryman - fivepee

    Lonius, these samples are awesome... And for me they were also awesome hard to flip. This is something like my 4th attemp. First one was just crap... second one was ... ah don't know ... third one not finished. So here it is... By the way congratulations on the win! Hope you enjoy.
  15. STBB#556 VOTE

    1.KongChain 2.Sam Knockz 3.mike-a-veli