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  1. STBB#574 VOTE

    voxMonkey TKC Kongchain
  2. STBB #574

    Congrats Kow... Really dope Samples! Cool Joa that you keep posting beats for people with login Problems... But what's up with the board??? It's really annoying if so many people can't login... The messanger is also damn slow or did not respond at all. Has anybody a contact to any admin? Last week kept me a bit off way to reflect don't want to address anybody...
  3. STBB #573 VOTE

    @JoaGymshoe I really appreciate your answer! --- For people with login issues... getting things done a bit earlier and searching for someone to post is a good way. I think most people will do it. In this case there was the timezone problem. So it is maybe more advisable to look for someone in the US because in Europe we have the deadline in the morning... Not every late post will win the battle and your music has the same value if you post it late, or even don't post it...
  4. STBB #573 VOTE

    @JoaGymshoe Hey Joa, i wanted to discuss the topic with you especially cause i didn't get your change of mind. As I understand it before, maybe there where some misinterpretation, you put it like rules are simple sticking to them is simple. But indeed everyone should take part in this discussion. tesla did and nella did... i apretiate that. As i understand it right you are more Late posts are ok (as long as the vote thread is not open?). Late votes suck. As Hungryman explained most elaborately, we think late everything sucks cause it causes work and deciding from case to case has always a certain flavor. Most likely someone will feel treated unfair. I think late posts suck most if you count votes. You have to track which entries are late and have to sort them out. And it gets even worse if some people say, this is different and you shouldn't sort this out. That's why i still try to convince and make you rethink this... and not let it go with you guys do whatever works for you.. Of Topic Hope that Kowalzki get his account soon... I waited three month for the confirmation mail as i registered. This forum (software) really sucks from time to time... To everyone: Please folks mark your late entries. Feel free to take part in this discussion. Guen
  5. STBB #573 VOTE

    @JoaGymshoe Hey Joa, i have calmed down. Hope you're too. So i like to discuss the real topic, cause it may have some impact on future battles. Facts first (no personal opinion) Kowalzkis beat was posted late here in the forum According to the written rules it's a late entry A lot of people voted for him. By points he won. It was my duty this week to call the winner. Now my Opinion Normaly i am obliged to the rules and should have announced Tesla as winner. In this special case i didn't feel that this would be the right thing to do. But announcing Kowalzki as winner could be interpreted as favoritism. I won't do this for anybody. So i was looking for a way to end this honorful for the winner, and asked the affected people for a statement. Hoping that one of them step back. (Otherwise i would have enforced the rules). In either way this would have been a public decision and nobody could have called that favoritism. It was not my intention to make it your fault that this beat was late. It's not your responsibility... there is no discussion. I would have said something like "Sorry man i fucked it up to post your beat in time" if he had asked me. My concern is that you just declared Kowlzkis entry legit and said that somebody should have protested before. And there is the impact on future battles. If we act like this i think we will have more discussions in future battles. There most likely will be someone who think that his case is equal and that we should bend the rules for him also... And then we have to discuss it. And i mean discuss. So it will delay the announcement of the winner and we have less time to make beats. So for future battles i think we should go strictly by the rules. That starts with posting entries according to the deadline and ends by voting according to the deadline. If anybody is not able to do that it's bad luck... there is a battle every week. At least i am happy with the result this week... but cases like this should be an exception. And if we make an exception it should be made by the whole community not by a single person. Guen
  6. STBB #573 VOTE

    @JoaGymshoe 1) maybe you learn to read an do simple mathematics before you bash other people. Nella said that his vote would have been... wich actually means that it is not a vote ....nuance Even if he voted in time it would have been 42 for Kowalzki and 41 for Otesla... it would not have changed the outcome... 2) can you try to write in normal black letters like everyone here... it's annoying that you cry for attention with every letter you write. 3) Your reaction to my last post is not even worth an answer...
  7. STBB #573 VOTE

    I really could not believe that you put it like this... I guess you said in our last discussion that a few minutes later or earlier matter. What does that mean for future battles? Are we supposed to count everything as long as nobody is protesting. And when is time for protest over? By the way i think the right thing for you would have been to say " Sorry bro i fucked it up to post your beat in time" Instead you used your power here to post it late and declare it legit... he asked me to do this last night while I was sleeping so it's not actually a late entry.. And yes there is a reason that this beat was late but also an excuse for posting it late... as you said "nuance" @Kowalzki this has nothing to do with your win... please notice that!
  8. STBB #573 VOTE

    Congratulations on the win Kowalzki!!!
  9. STBB #573 VOTE

    Then it is official First IKowalzki - 39 Pt. Second Otesla - 36 Pt. Third naurelle boombap - 30 Pt. fourth Black Pancakes - 20 Pt.
  10. STBB #573 VOTE

    Most honorable!
  11. STBB #573 VOTE

    Hi Joa, i tried to put it in a most neutral way, cause i don't want the both of them influenced to claim the win or step back. At least i ccould understand every decision of them... As Kowalzki could not log in... it would be nice if you post his answers. More time for discussion afterwards peace, guen
  12. STBB #573 VOTE

    Last vote counted is Joa Here is the sheet
  13. STBB #573 VOTE

    Ok we did the counting. Kowalzki - 39 Pt. Otesla - 36 Pt. naurelle boombap - 30 Pt. Black Pancakes - 20 Pt. I find it hard to announce the winner this week. Fact is that Kowalzkis beat was technically late. Joa has posted his beat here with an excuse. So i really like to hear Otesla and Kowalzki on this topic. Maybe everyone else shut up please until the two have spoken...
  14. STBB #573 VOTE

    TKC CHiLLWiLL1013 naturelle.boombap