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  1. basket

    STBB 533

    I haven't done this in 10 weeks and i was too busy (re: lazy) to give it the acapella but i'm just happy to be here and be making things. Thanks for the dope samples! Hope y'all enjoy.
  2. basket

    STBB #521 VOTE

    FATVONFREE that shit was crazy
  3. basket

    STBB#521 | Make Some Noise Week

    Hey there, here is my track. I called it "Sauvage Mode" cause it was too good. Close runner up was "521 Sauvage." Loved the radio whatsit! I sampled some random screeching on AM frequencies to create a feedback/pad sound that I used in the background of certain portions of the track, as well as a short sample of radio-screech looped over and over to create a kind of "racing polygraph test" sound that goes off in the left monitor sporadically. Cool percussive element that came from something I would not have thought to use had this challenge not come along! Other than that, I used the first bit of the samples, as well as the horns and creepy piano infused with a lot of reverb, delay etc. And that one synth bass note you tacked onto the end of the samples? I used it a little.
  4. im new here please accept my apologies now. you'll want them later.