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  1. soulwhat

    STBB#569 VOTE

    1. Lonius 2. fivepee 3. SAINT ROCK Some really great stuff this week, it's so hard to choose! Congrats to all.
  2. soulwhat

    STBB#567 VOTE

    1. defMute 2. Banizzz 3. KappNeffect
  3. soulwhat


  4. soulwhat

    STBB#566 VOTE

    G.F.Nella d3fmut3 kowalzki
  5. soulwhat


  6. soulwhat

    STBB #565 VOTE

    1 Langa Lunts 2 MA Beats 3 Lokal
  7. soulwhat

    STBB #565

    Those drums! I chopped them up and kept the 60's fidelity with Motown instrumentation. Riffs derived from original organ parts...replayed organ and played Fender Jazz bass. Thanks for the sample!
  8. soulwhat

    STBB # 525 VOTE

    1 - Kongchain 2 - KappNeffect 3 - MatMel Kowalzki, Sol Sauvage, Ras-H, 5XVT !! Nice work everyone!
  9. soulwhat

    STBB #525

    Congrats to the winners and thanks for the samples! Can't wait to hear what everyone does with these...
  10. soulwhat

    STBB 522 Progressive Rock

    Hey, congrats on the win, and thanks for the challenge. This was a tough one! None of the samples really jumped out at me. SO, I often don't have a great idea to start with, but I've found that if I put the time in, I always end up with a complete idea that I'm happy with. It's like molding clay, I just work and revise until it's done. I used Ableton to create and arrange and also Reason for the synth bass. For this one I was definitely stumped as to how to meet all the criteria, so I just set BPM for 90 and made a simple kick/snare beat off the top of my head to get started. Spent a lot of time going through snippets of the samples until something caught my ear, then it started to move in one direction. Eventually got the idea for the bass line and added that on my Push controller...Couldn't think of a way to have simultaneous bass lines, so I made a B section with added fuzz/wah effect, which the structure needed anyway to break up the monotony. The BPM slowly inched its way up as I got into it...added extra kick and snare hits and some drops to make it interesting...I add that stuff in as I'm moving along and the structure is coming together and then revise when it's just about done. Don't know where the ideas come from, but I know when it's not right. Found the vibe sample in my banks...almost didn't keep it at first, but it works. Tried to go for a Madlib type mix, lots of low end. Not my favorite beat ever, but I like it. Hope you enjoy!
  11. soulwhat

    STBB #521 VOTE

    So many good ones, Lonius, MA Beats, ashitaba, samwise, JoaGymshoe, FDBK (absolutely killed it!) ...but I'm gonna go with DJ LODY
  12. soulwhat

    STBB#521 | Make Some Noise Week

    Used outside kick and snare/clap only...bass is from somewhere in the provided samples and noise/gibberish is from the web receiver...This was a fun one to put together!
  13. soulwhat

    STBB#520 VOTE

    #1 miRSs !!! so dope.
  14. Thanks for the samples, great challenge...first time posting, love this!