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  1. 1 Velvetian sky (really liked the end) 2 kappNeffect ( reminds me of old kool keith) 3 sol sauvage And joagymshoe (rapping is sick), lakewood was good too. sashimimix, good use of distortion. (sorry for the font size I m on my old cell)
  2. personally I did use a skeleton , main sample and basic beat like 3 years ago and felt bad about it. So you do it in the spirit of live beat battles. that s why rules are important..
  3. Alright here's my entry. I used a and b.
  4. Renoise!!! Yeah my tool of choice. I find it more precise than ableton for sequencing. I could never go back to a step sequencer.
  5. Nice. She's such a pioneer. I love her beatmatching video and the documentary is sick.The way she made the doctor who theme is inspiring . Also you guys should check out the EMS documentary "what the future sounded like". Really cool if you re into synths.Congrats to the winner.
  6. Had fun with different types of interpolation in plogue bidule. Here s my short beat:
  7. Dam-funk as usual but this also: and I really like Flume's production And the new Lil ugly mane project Bedwetter
  8. Hi, I need sound advice for these tracks since I ve been mixing on crappy headphones... is the bass too loud or too muddy. I like contrasts clean vs. Lofi and dirty. I like using different kinds of distortions and messing with the interpolation and bitrate when I resample. I basically just need general advice. I doubt that guys like Lil Ugly Mane ask for advice on their beats on message boards but he s got a crew, I dont. I wish I could startt a collective of like minded beatmakers but you can't force that. Anyways have a good day. And yeah I will save up to get some studio monitors.. (I know there s a plugin click at the start of the second track and yeah all that tape noise from the first track is on purpose I sampled an old jungle mixtape..)
  9. Trap week, 2/1 on obscenities...(gotta change the title though it's not a featuring, that was the title in my computer.wifi is so slow and my cell is bugging.. so I haven't put stbb in the title.) Short one-verse oppressive trap beat.hope you like.