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  1. Ocypus

    STBB #523 VOTE

    Congrats Setta!
  2. Ocypus

    STBB #523 VOTE

    1. #Setta 2. Drunken master 3. DJ Lody thanks for awesome samples, there were a lot of great entries, sorry but I ain't got the time to mention all. This week's beats were hilarious!! Also saw Jon Wayne in London last night and if he plays in your city you have to go and see him- best gig I've been to in years, that dude is on point!
  3. Ocypus

    STBB #523 Catchy Theme Special

    It was a lot of fun to flip this one, peace!
  4. Ocypus

    STBB #523 Catchy Theme Special

    Slap that bass yo!
  5. Ocypus

    STBB Voting - Points System

    I only joined STBB forum five or six weeks ago but I usually give my top 5 anyway... Let's do this!
  6. Ocypus

    STBB #522 VOTE

    Lots of cool stuff this week, for me it was between Sol Sauvage and yellow5ive. Sol Sauvage just edged it, such a tune! Groove of the year Had fun, thanks FAT!
  7. Ocypus

    STBB 522 Progressive Rock

    Congrats Fat! Struggled a little (clearly) with the mix but had some fun producing this craziness:
  8. Ocypus

    STBB 522 Progressive Rock

    Fun, fun, thanks Fat. Your beat from last week is incredible!
  9. Ocypus

    STBB #521 VOTE

    Congrats Fat, propah tune, big up!!
  10. Ocypus

    STBB #521 VOTE

    Hi all, This week I am going for: FatVonFree - very creative, loved the guitar and general vibe. My fav this week! Keep on keeping on. Ashitaba - almost won, noisy in a very pleasant way? tune! Dj Lody - great beat and cuts were on point! peace JoaGymshoe - uff, this is so sick! dope dope dope, so consistent, every week in my top 5 for sure. per.du - great track,
  11. Ocypus

    STBB#521 | Make Some Noise Week

    Congrats! Had a lot of fun this week with different noises, bleeps and bloops. Most of the noisy stuff you hear has been sampled either from the LA Police Radio feed or Victoria Line in London, hope you enjoy it:
  12. Ocypus

    STBB#520 VOTE

    On my way to work, listened to all of the entries and it was hard to choose my favourite this week... AnYhow, here it is: Top 5 Doom Dap - general vibe, the mix, the way the vocal sits perfectly and THAT guitar edit I just can't get over it. Change up is sweet too, nailed it. FDBK - Damn, this beat has a bite! The flute is like sex panther, 60% of the time works every time, but in your case you smashed it. Hats off Bles24 - First off, the graphic?! So good. Secondly, nice tune, smooth filter action. Keep it classy! Soul-Jutsu - Yes! but the winner is Samwise Ganja because it is everything that I love about hip hop. (Is that microbrute I hear on fx? Anyway - dope, dope, dope) On top of that I really enjoyed: 5XVT feat B.O.R - great beat and props for the raps, it was great to hear! Resubmann3rs - Distorted drums left my banging my head like a maniac Lonius - nice chilled beat, listened to it the most times from the list + many more that I dont't have time to mention because my boss is looking over my shoulder and wit hall due respect I don't want to end up like Cheers!
  13. Congrats on the well deserved win Ephex, thanks for the cool samples, here it is:
  14. Ocypus

    what are you listening to?

    Rap album two by Jonwayne.