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  1. STBB #575 VOTE

    1 - Lonius 2 - JAKAL 3 - JoeMoDo Boa Spring is in the air, relaxing tracks all around!
  2. STBB#574 VOTE

    Huh, guess all I had to do was change browser. I was using Google Chrome on Windows which I have the latest updates for. Thanks, but still, I wonder why my desktop isn’t properly loading the page on Chrome, it did on my laptop which I don’t recall the last time I updated it. Strangely enough, Chrome is loading the mobile format instead of the website format which I don’t recall ever changing if that’s even an option. Again, thanks, Hungryman. I’m so hooked on Chrome that I didn’t even consider using another browser, hahaha.
  3. STBB#574 VOTE

    1 - Lonius 2 - Vox Monkey 3 - GF Nella Good work all around, and I enjoyed hearing those heavy beats, great stuff! Also, something off topic, but does anyone know how to get the Stones Throw Message Board to properly load. For some reason, when I go to the STMB on my desktop, the page is all jumbled up and none of the links are clickable. This problem only occurs on my desktop as I can access the page properly on any other device (currently using my slow ass laptop of 7 years). If any of y'all could be of any help, I'd appreciate it! Here's an image of the problem:
  4. STBB #573 VOTE

    1 - Kowalzki 2 - Banizz 3 - Musica Honorable Mentions: naturelle.boombap, enzoeyeris, GF Nella, DoktorCross Good work all around as usual!
  5. STBB#572 VOTE

    1 - Vox Monkey 2 - GF Nella 3 - Enzoeyeris Interesting tracks all around this week!
  6. STBB #572


    Rappcats shipping, man, tell me about. I wish they gave other options than only priority shipping which as you mentions adds an additional $10+, but to own Flight to Brazil with the unique chipboard sleeve is worth it. I hope they release the other mixes on vinyl. I'm keen own owning a vinyl copy of Black Soul. http://www.rappcats.com/flight/
  8. STBB #565

    I hear ya; that website is really fishy. I blame all those ads on the website. Just today when I went on to download the sample, a false google chrome tab pop-up asked if I'd allow push notifications which I denied believing it was legit which then opened a new tab to those virus / malware infested sites. I'd say we abandon zippyshare in favor for Google Docs, WeTransfer, or Dropbox which I might add are free and are more secure/safe. Furthermore, does anyone know how zippyshare became the main source of sample sharing for STBB?
  9. XTBB #564 VOTE

    1 - Morti69 (Interesting take combining a Christmas and Space tone together) 2 - beatCretin (Somber Christmas tone) 3 - JoaGymshoe (Good chops, loved the bridge and outro) Honorable Mentions: Detritus Tabu (Enjoyed the dark tone taken), Superfly Arturo & Forrest (Journey-esque Sounds), Lonius (Nice little Christmas Kurtis Blow Remix)
  10. STBB #561 VOTE

    1 - JoeGymshoe x Detritus Tabu 2 - Barton Patrick x Samwise Ganja 3 - Banizzz Amazing sounds all around! It's great to see the community working together to produce stellar music!
  11. STBB #561

    A very fun experience this week. I had the pleasure to work with two talented beat makers, and the outcome was amazing! Unseen Lunts (Unseen Era & Langa Lunts) Supafly Era (Supafly Arturo & Unseen Era)
  12. MADLIB

    Toyota of Oxnard "Parts / Service X-elence (I Love What You Do for Me)" by Lootpack Produced by Madlib "That’s when I was trying to be like Pete Rock on the beats." - Madlib
  13. STBB #561

    Anyone up to collaborate? Exchange samples, play drums, play bass, etc. As a side note to those considering to collaborate, I primary do boom-bap style of beats. Also, how will the uploading work since it's collaborative? Will it be an individual track uploaded by one of the two (or more) collaborator(s)? Or is it more of a each person uploads their own track having utilized given elements from their partner?
  14. STBB #557 VOTE

    1 - Banizz 2 - GF Nella 3 - 7th Blessing

    Damn, I wish I could play keys as good as Cory Henry. God knows I can barely construct a simple melody.
  16. STBB#556 VOTE

    1 - Soul-Jutsu 2 - beatCretin 3 - dtunez Honorable Mentions: Lonius, baechulgi, Lexiuss, theGuen
  17. STBB#556

  18. STBB #555 VOTE

    1 - l i f 2 - baechulgi 3 - Detritus Tabu3 Honorable Mentions: JazzyMattNasty & Sam Knockz