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  1. STBB #575 VOTE

    1 - Lonius 2 - JAKAL 3 - JoeMoDo Boa Spring is in the air, relaxing tracks all around!
  2. STBB#574 VOTE

    Huh, guess all I had to do was change browser. I was using Google Chrome on Windows which I have the latest updates for. Thanks, but still, I wonder why my desktop isn’t properly loading the page on Chrome, it did on my laptop which I don’t recall the last time I updated it. Strangely enough, Chrome is loading the mobile format instead of the website format which I don’t recall ever changing if that’s even an option. Again, thanks, Hungryman. I’m so hooked on Chrome that I didn’t even consider using another browser, hahaha.
  3. STBB#574 VOTE

    1 - Lonius 2 - Vox Monkey 3 - GF Nella Good work all around, and I enjoyed hearing those heavy beats, great stuff! Also, something off topic, but does anyone know how to get the Stones Throw Message Board to properly load. For some reason, when I go to the STMB on my desktop, the page is all jumbled up and none of the links are clickable. This problem only occurs on my desktop as I can access the page properly on any other device (currently using my slow ass laptop of 7 years). If any of y'all could be of any help, I'd appreciate it! Here's an image of the problem:
  4. STBB #573 VOTE

    1 - Kowalzki 2 - Banizz 3 - Musica Honorable Mentions: naturelle.boombap, enzoeyeris, GF Nella, DoktorCross Good work all around as usual!
  5. STBB#572 VOTE

    1 - Vox Monkey 2 - GF Nella 3 - Enzoeyeris Interesting tracks all around this week!
  6. STBB #572


    Rappcats shipping, man, tell me about. I wish they gave other options than only priority shipping which as you mentions adds an additional $10+, but to own Flight to Brazil with the unique chipboard sleeve is worth it. I hope they release the other mixes on vinyl. I'm keen own owning a vinyl copy of Black Soul. http://www.rappcats.com/flight/
  8. STBB #565

    I hear ya; that website is really fishy. I blame all those ads on the website. Just today when I went on to download the sample, a false google chrome tab pop-up asked if I'd allow push notifications which I denied believing it was legit which then opened a new tab to those virus / malware infested sites. I'd say we abandon zippyshare in favor for Google Docs, WeTransfer, or Dropbox which I might add are free and are more secure/safe. Furthermore, does anyone know how zippyshare became the main source of sample sharing for STBB?
  9. XTBB #564 VOTE

    1 - Morti69 (Interesting take combining a Christmas and Space tone together) 2 - beatCretin (Somber Christmas tone) 3 - JoaGymshoe (Good chops, loved the bridge and outro) Honorable Mentions: Detritus Tabu (Enjoyed the dark tone taken), Superfly Arturo & Forrest (Journey-esque Sounds), Lonius (Nice little Christmas Kurtis Blow Remix)
  10. STBB #561 VOTE

    1 - JoeGymshoe x Detritus Tabu 2 - Barton Patrick x Samwise Ganja 3 - Banizzz Amazing sounds all around! It's great to see the community working together to produce stellar music!
  11. STBB #561

    A very fun experience this week. I had the pleasure to work with two talented beat makers, and the outcome was amazing! Unseen Lunts (Unseen Era & Langa Lunts) Supafly Era (Supafly Arturo & Unseen Era)
  12. MADLIB

    Toyota of Oxnard "Parts / Service X-elence (I Love What You Do for Me)" by Lootpack Produced by Madlib "That’s when I was trying to be like Pete Rock on the beats." - Madlib