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  1. Unseen Era


    Fifteen years since Jaylib's Champion Sound was released. I didn't realize until I saw this pop up on my recommendations. A dope video; I really enjoy the series. The sampled used for "Starz" caught me off guard. I always figured it to have sampled some soul track.
  2. Unseen Era


    Yeah, if you want to believe people online claiming to have seen it in stores in Japan. The album seems to be nothing more than a tease. The closest thing you're going to get is the track "Space & Time" off of MMS#7. You know, now that I think of it, I do vaguely remember seeing it somewhere before...
  3. Unseen Era


    This was posted on Quasimoto's Instagram story. I've never seen this photo, but some of you might already have. It was posted 3 years ago. Still, pretty dope picture. R.I.P. Mac Miller.
  4. Here's a wav file for those who can't use/open the .rar . https://we.tl/hIgMCUflNH
  5. Unseen Era

    STBB#589 VOTE

    1 - Wolf 2 - Lonius 3 - SEbP Dope tracks this week. Thanks to those who liked and/or commented on my track.
  6. Unseen Era


    Highway robbery at its finest, man. If they made more copies and sold it for $20-$25, then yeah, who wouldn't cop it, but $50 for two tracks? Come on. Artwork and tracks are dope, but damn. I'm also debating whether to buy a copy. The way I see it is; you either buy it for $50+ now, or be charged an insane amount by some one who's looking to flip it due to limited copies. As for the album, no, DOOM will not be featured in every track. It's a compilation album; production by DJ Muggs and various artists spitting over them tracks. To quote Rappcats: "The album will be released as individual chapters with various MC’s."
  7. Unseen Era

    STBB #589

    If anything else, Joa, if you have iTunes, you can drag and drop the files onto iTunes, convert the files, and just copy and paste the new file onto your desktop. That's how I did it. Just an alternative for the future if ever need be.
  8. Unseen Era

    STBB #589

  9. Unseen Era


    Thanks, much appreciated!
  10. Unseen Era


    Hey everybody. I'm wondering if y'all could help me track down a video. I was browsing YouTube and on my recommend videos appeared a Madlib track I never heard before. I checked it out and really dug the multiple beats on there (video was only about 3 mins), but off the thought that I'd remember the title of the video, I decided not to write it down which came to bite me back as I forgot the title. Anyway, the only beat I remember off the video was the instrumental to Madlib's remix of Teflon's "Get Mine"., and that the video was titled weirdly along the lines of "Madlib - _____ (_____) / _____ (_____)" (words of course filling the blanks). So for the off chance someone here has come across or knows of the video, a link or any information is greatly appreciated. I think the description noted it was a snippet from a podcast, but hell if i remember, I couldn't even remember the title.
  11. Unseen Era

    STBB #588 VOTE

    1 - 61Beatz 2 - Nella G.F. 3 - JoaGymshoe
  12. Unseen Era

    STBB #588

  13. Unseen Era

    STBB#581 VOTE

    1 - Bleep 2 - G.F. Nella 3 - Banizz
  14. Unseen Era

    Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    This was posted a couple of days ago by MED. Although there might not be any real significance with the tweet other than MED praising the few tracks he was sent, I wonder if this means we're nearing the release of the album. Anyway, as much as I would love to hear MED as a feature on the album, I doubt he'll make an appearance. It's been two years since Madlib announced the album, and just now MED has received some of the tracks, but who knows, maybe he might appear, it would make for an interesting collaboration: Freddie Gibbs & MED. Regardless, I'm eager to hear the album.
  15. Unseen Era

    STBB 581