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  1. STBB #553 VOTE

    sam knockz The-Jackal per.du 5XVTPro
  2. STBB#552 VOTE

    Better late than never..... sorry been busy like that.... Top 3: 1.bruuudi 2.FatVonFree 3. mhmory Thanks for all the feedback!, much appreciated.
  3. STBB# 552

    Congrats Man!
  4. STBB #550 VOTE

    JA:KOVA Lonius defMute Good tones too: FatVonFree, slanteyez & Saint Rock and all the others i left comments. Thanks to all those that dropped by and left some feedback n luv.
  5. STBB #550 Harmony Week

    Congrats man! here's mine for this weeks Flip...
  6. STBB #548 VOTE

    1. Bleep 2. defMute 3. Lonius some dope mentions as well: CHiLLWiLL1013, :.G.F.NeLLa.:, cascassette, WigMaster Thanks for all the feedback n luv yall!
  7. STBB#548 - Flipping Chords!

    Congrtas man! Here's mine for this week...
  8. STBB #547 VOTE

    1. DonutProducer 2. DJ Agent.M 3. :.G.F.NeLLa.: ceeazy OLOS thanks for the luv n feedback yall!
  9. STBB#547 - M.J Flipping week

    congrats man!! Here's mine for the week...
  10. STBB #546 VOTE

    1 :.G.F.NeLLa.: 2 Hobgoblinbeats 3 Mawakening
  11. STBB #545 VOTE

    defMute Lonius FatVonFree also liked: Hobgoblinbeats, [KappNeffect], DonutProducer, ZEN-RA, Ragga/*\MuFF , per.du, Yahtzen, ceeazy, cascassette Shout out to all yall! and thanks for the feedback!
  12. STBB 545 - Mixed genres week

    Dope Samples FJ! and congrats...
  13. STBB #539 VOTE

    Very late entry.... its hard to find time these days.... congrats to KOW!!