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  1. Dope ass samples
  2. 1:soul jutsu 2:joa gymshoe 3:Lonius : it reminded me of an other beat. don't know if you did in on purpose or not but dope man!
  3. I used the mpc 1000 for the flip and sp 404 for the effect
  4. 1: ELANVITAL 2: Kris van Huystee 3: theDGTL Soul Jutsu, DonutProducer, Prof.Ede, [KappNeffect], tzu jan
  5. congrats on the win!
  6. 1: zexual 2 KOARAKTOR 3: Hobgoblinbeats Fatvonfree, Prof.Ede, axwai Productions,JoaGymshoe,Ras-h A lot of dope entries!
  7. congratz Wolf! Can you explain to me what you mean with " Use any two of the samples provided " does it mean you need to use 2 samples in 1 beat or do you mean flip 2 beats? Thanks for clerification.
  8. 1: Barry Studebaker 2: DJ loDY 3: 2n!te
  9. Dope samples!
  10. didn't flip one for this week but I listened to them all My vote goes to setta. dope dope dope! runner ups: ogi feel the beat resubmann3rs 2n!te
  11. Lonius fatvonfree soul-jutsu vote:Donutproducer
  12. congrats on the win! dope samples!
  13. Lonius Barry studebaker Fatvonfree Vote: Joagymshoe