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  1. dope samples man!
  2. vote

    1:naturelle.boombap 2: Fatvonfree 3:KOARAKTOR
  3. nice sample!! I used Nathan East for the bass. If you don't know him check out Harvey Mason, dope ass band.
  4. vote

    1:lonius 2:flobama 3:Ogi feel the Beat
  5. vote

    I don't think anyone got a problem with that. Anyways you got my approval.
  6. Congrats!
  7. vote

    1: bugseed with mindless killed it dang!! 2: Soul Jutsu love the drums! 3: joagymshoe dope ass rap skills G.F.NeLLa, donutproducer, 2n!te, fatvonfree, lonius, Fla., naturelle.boombap, Kowalzki a lot of dope beats this week!
  8. dope samples!!
  9. dope samples!
  10. 1: sim 2: per.du 3: Kris van Huystee
  11. Dope ass samples
  12. 1:soul jutsu 2:joa gymshoe 3:Lonius : it reminded me of an other beat. don't know if you did in on purpose or not but dope man!
  13. I used the mpc 1000 for the flip and sp 404 for the effect
  14. 1: ELANVITAL 2: Kris van Huystee 3: theDGTL Soul Jutsu, DonutProducer, Prof.Ede, [KappNeffect], tzu jan
  15. congrats on the win!