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  1. Haq

    STBB #586 VOTE

    1: naturelle.boombap 2: JoaGymshoe 3: ruedenz
  2. Haq

    STBB #586

    the intro got some vinyl sim on it that makes it sound off. the rest is the clean part. Only used a vocal, the rest is from the sample.
  3. Haq

    STBB #584 VOTE

    Yes i know sorry about that but no one was there, I asked the group chat... I had the night shift. I just woke up... Sorry. indeed when the last one voted dgtl got more points. my bad
  4. Haq

    STBB #584 VOTE

    it's like one houre left till the voting closes. So thanks to Detritus Tabu (he counted the votes some houres ago) I need to get some sleep so i'll already post the results that are out now. if anyone votes before the deadline it still counts i guess so 3th place goes to KOWALZKI 2nd place goes to THEGTL FIRST PLACE :WIGMASTER I repeat if anyone votes before the deadline which is in 1 hour and 3 minutes, it will still count. I will change the results after then. Congrats to WIGMASTER
  5. Haq


    damn it's harder then i tought. made some drum breaks in different time signatures. but it sounds so off i'll keep trying till i get something out of it nice rules! got me out of my comfort zone!
  6. Haq

    STBB#568 VOTE

    hey guys did the count again with the template. what i got was soul jutsu 61 pete range 44 DefMute X Banizz 37 gratz to soul justsu!!
  7. Haq

    STBB#568 VOTE

    sorry i was late. i tought to count all the votes now.. thanks for the count already.
  8. Haq

    STBB#568 VOTE

    1: cascassette 2: Lonius 3: :.G.F.NeLLa.: Alot of dope beats this week! Great work everyone!!
  9. Haq


    used some vocal cuts and tried to do something with a midi keyboard. took a rhodes plugin that i got with my soundcard lol dope ass samples! gratz the deli
  10. Haq

    STBB#567 VOTE

    what do you even expect when you get a song with littarly 4.14 min of the same loop. with little variation.. I already flipped the first sample a year ago. also on a stbb tbh.. See stbb 517
  11. Haq

    STBB#567 VOTE

    1: Lonius. 2: :.G.F.NeLLa.: 3: Kris van Huystee A lot of fire beats this week. damn!!!! Joa, fatvonfree, soul jutsu, barry studebaker, wackpaco, Banizzz, The deli, cascassette, the guen, ·•D∆JÅMAH•· Thanks for the vibes!
  12. Haq


    Fun making this one. I could always help with ST beat battles if there is need. I check here everyweek for the battles. I just don't upload everyweek. Cheers.
  13. Haq

    Graftaq-Cozinha new album

    Hey guys, Been making beats now for a year, so here's an album. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy it. I'm always open for feedback.
  14. Haq

    STBB #559 VOTE

    1:G.F.NeLLa 2: defmute 3: Joagymshoe Dope beats this week. Thanks for the kind words!
  15. Haq

    STBB 559