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  1. STBB #580 VOTE

    1. Brogrimm 2. Kris Van 3. Hobglobin
  2. STBB #580

    Congrats on that win last week Elan! Here's my submission this week...
  3. STBB#579 VOTE

    1. Jakal (certified headbanger) 2. Elan Vital (laid back and smooth as hell) 3. ChillWill1013 (made me think of spy movies, great chops and drum work) Another fun week, glad to be a part of it.
  4. STBB #579 - Mark E Smith

    Congrats on the win last week! I went ahead and flipped their Mountain Energei track. It made me think of the Black Keys with that guitar lead.
  5. STBB #573 VOTE

    1. naturelle boombap 2. JAKAL 3. Chillwill1013
  6. :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Congrats on the win yo. Been a minute since I participated. Here's what I cooked up.
  7. STBB #537 - Micro Flip Special

    Love this theme! It's good to be back in the lab making beats again. Here's my submission.
  8. STBB 534

    Congrats on that win Sam and hella dope samples for this week. I used the Gun Threat and the School Boy samples.
  9. STBB#533 VOTE

    1. Doom Dap 2. Sam Knockz 3. Donut Producer
  10. STBB 533

    This was definitely a challenging week. I learned a lot. I don't do many acapellas ever but I gave it my best shot. Congrats on that win last week!
  11. STBB#532 VOTE

    I. Kowalski II. Soul-Jutsu III. Lonius well done ya'll
  12. STBB #532 - Reverb special

    Congrats on the win! I used two parts from the sample, sprinkled in some keys, strings and a dry as hell snare.
  13. STBB #531 VOTE

    1. Mink-C (banger!) 2. Lakewood (smooth!) 3. Velvetian Sky (vey nice!)

    Yo elanvital, first of all congrats on winning the battle and second...for sharing the story of Delia Derbyshire. I never knew about this pioneer in music until now. I'm always interested in learning the history of music and her story was cool to learn. Anyway, great theme for the week. I started with flipping Sample A+B but ended up scratching that beat (the rhodes were too smooth and silky lol) and so I made a brand new one with A+C. Hope ya'll like. Peace!
  15. STBB #530 Vote

    1. tzu-jan 2. elanvital 3. ras-h well done ya'll