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  1. J-Hershey


  2. J-Hershey

    Earl Sweatshirt lofi boom bap type beat

    Boom Bap tune I cooked up. Feedback would be dope. Drop a comment and share if you dig it!
  3. J-Hershey

    hey fellas,just uplouded a new track some feedback would be great.

    Some trippy ass lofi. Def good for being stoned lmao. Reminds of an adult swim bump. Nice shit. Check out my latest beat.
  4. Sup guys. Got a new track. I was trying to chop the samples in a way to make them as seamless possible. Take a listen and leave me some feedback. Always down to return the love.
  5. Yoooo I dig your sound bro! Just gave you a follow on soundcloud. Im really diggin one day. Check out this playlist by me leave some feedback if you can.
  6. J-Hershey

    3 Soul Sample Flips. Feedback Appreciated

    @RADIcule and @OKJoy Thanks so much for the feedback!. Check out this new beat I just released.