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  1. Some trippy ass lofi. Def good for being stoned lmao. Reminds of an adult swim bump. Nice shit. Check out my latest beat.
  2. Sup guys. Got a new track. I was trying to chop the samples in a way to make them as seamless possible. Take a listen and leave me some feedback. Always down to return the love.
  3. Yoooo I dig your sound bro! Just gave you a follow on soundcloud. Im really diggin one day. Check out this playlist by me leave some feedback if you can.
  4. @RADIcule and @OKJoy Thanks so much for the feedback!. Check out this new beat I just released.
  5. I really dig your style bro. Really lax. Samples are cut nice and clean.
  6. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!